Crusader Kings 2 Add_artifact Command

This command adds the artifact with the specified artifact ID to the specified character. If you do not specify a character ID (just the artifact), the artifact will be added to your character.

Add_artifact Syntax

The syntax for the add_artifact command is as follows:

add_artifact [artifact id] [character id]

This command has the following arguments:

Artifact IDThe ID of the artifact you wish to add to the character. Find a list of all artifact IDs at:
Character IDOptional - if you do not specify anything here, the artifact will be added to your own character. Otherwise, here you should specify the ID of the character you wish to add the artifact to. How to find character IDs:

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Add_artifact Examples

Find below working examples of the add_artifact command.

add_artifact strange_chest 204

The Strange Chest artifact has an artifact ID of strange_chest. This command would add the Strange Chest artifact to the character with ID 204.

add_artifact cursed_diamond

The Cursed Diamond has an artifact ID of cursed_diamond. As no character ID is specified after the artifact ID, this command would give the Cursed Diamond artifact to the characater you are playing as.