CK2 Artifact IDs

Below is a searchable list of all 399 artifacts from Crusader Kings 2, along with their artifact IDs in the "Artifact ID" column. You can use artifact IDs in console commands to add, remove and change them.

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Artifact Name Artifact ID
+2' Axe loot_axe
Strange Chest strange_chest
The Necronomicon necronomicon
Cursed Diamond cursed_diamond
Cursed Diamond Crown cursed_diamond_crown
Skull trophy rival_skull
Magnificent Painting magnificent_painting
Avant Garde Painting avant_garde_painting
Finger of St. John finger_of_st_john
Gold Hand prosthetic_hand_gold
Iron Hand prosthetic_hand_metal
Prosthetic Leg prosthetic_leg_artifact
Head of a [This.GetArtifactSourceCap] famous_head
Tongue of a [This.GetArtifactSourceCap] famous_tongue
Tongue of an Unbeliever infamous_tongue
Hand of a [This.GetArtifactSourceCap] famous_hand
Arm of a [This.GetArtifactSourceCap] famous_arm
Foot of a [This.GetArtifactSourceCap] famous_foot
Ancient Rusty Weapon famous_ancient_weapon
Iron Crown of Lombardy iron_crown_of_lombardy
Shroud of Jesus shroud_of_jesus
Lance of Longinus spear_of_destiny
Holy Grail holy_grail
Holy Grail holy_chalice
Bones of St. Peter bones_of_st_peter
Crown of Thorns crown_of_thorns
Seamless Robe of Jesus seamless_robe_of_jesus
Nail of the True Cross fragment_of_true_cross
Holy Prepuce holy_foreskin
Saint's Fingerbone fingerbone_of_saint
Chains of St. Peter chains_of_st_peter
Right Hand of St. Demetrius right_hand_st_demetrius
Veil of Veronica veil_of_veronica
Image of Edessa image_of_edessa
Remains of St. Cessianus remains_of_st_cessianus
Weeping Statue weeping_statue
Staff of Moses staff_of_moses
King David's Harp davids_harp
Ark of the Covenant ark_of_the_covenant
Seal of Solomon seal_of_solomon
The Tabernacle tabernacle
King David's Sling davids_sling
Seal of Mohammad seal_of_mohammad
Holy Banner of Mohammad holy_banner_of_mohammad
Blessed Mantle blessed_mantle
Sword of Mohammad sword_of_mohammad
Blessed Sandals blessed_sandals
Letter of Mohammad letter_of_mohammad
Cloak of Mohammad cloak_of_mohammad
Mohammad's Bowl mohammads_bowl
Hair from the Beard of Mohammad mohammads_beard
Water of the Blessed Mantle water_of_blessed_mantle
Tooth of Mohammad tooth_of_mohammad
Cup of Jamshid cup_of_jamshid
Babr-e-Bayan babr_e_bayan
Derafsh Kaviani derafsh_kaviani
Cyrus Cylinder cyrus_cylinder
Haoma Sapling haoma_sapling
Branch of the Keshmar Cypress keshmar_cypress_branch
Mjolnir mjolnir
Andvaranaut andvaranaut
Gjallarhorn gjallarhorn
The Fetish of Souls fetish_of_souls
Sampo sampo
Axe of Perun axe_of_perun
Axe of Perkunas axe_of_perkunas
Yada Tashy yada_tashy
The Tooth of Buddha buddhas_tooth
The Mountain of Light mountain_of_light_diamond
Jewelled Danda elaborate_danda
Sarira sarira
Sariraka Bone sariraka_actual_body_part
Magnum Opus on Ritualistic Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_ritual_1
Magnum Opus on Ritualistic Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_ritual_2
Magnum Opus on Ritualistic Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_ritual_3
Magnum Opus on Ritualistic Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_ritual_4
Magnum Opus on Contemplative Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_contemplation_1
Magnum Opus on Contemplative Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_contemplation_2
Magnum Opus on Contemplative Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_contemplation_3
Magnum Opus on Contemplative Theurgy magnum_opus_theurgy_contemplation_4
Magnum Opus on Stellar Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_stars_1
Magnum Opus on Stellar Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_stars_2
Magnum Opus on Stellar Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_stars_3
Magnum Opus on Stellar Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_stars_4
Magnum Opus on Planetary Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_planets_1
Magnum Opus on Planetary Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_planets_2
Magnum Opus on Planetary Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_planets_3
Magnum Opus on Planetary Astrology magnum_opus_astrology_planets_4
Magnum Opus on Universal Panacea magnum_opus_alchemy_panacea_1
Magnum Opus on Universal Panacea magnum_opus_alchemy_panacea_2
Magnum Opus on Universal Panacea magnum_opus_alchemy_panacea_3
Magnum Opus on Universal Panacea magnum_opus_alchemy_panacea_4
Magnum Opus on Transmutative Alchemy magnum_opus_alchemy_transmutation_1
Magnum Opus on Transmutative Alchemy magnum_opus_alchemy_transmutation_2
Magnum Opus on Transmutative Alchemy magnum_opus_alchemy_transmutation_3
Magnum Opus on Transmutative Alchemy magnum_opus_alchemy_transmutation_4
Handgun hermetic_handgun
Magnetic Compass hermetic_compass
Radius Astronomicus radius_astronomicus
Cipher Disc hermetic_cypher_machine
Plate Armor hermetic_plate_armor
Spectacles hermetic_glasses
Emerald Tablet emerald_tablet
Ingredient: Hibiscus ingredient_herb1
Ingredient: Ginger Root ingredient_herb2
Ingredient: Mandrake ingredient_herb3
Ingredient: Lemon Grass ingredient_herb4
Ingredient: Nettles ingredient_herb5
Ingredient: Wormwood ingredient_herb6
Ingredient: Valerian ingredient_herb7
Ingredient: Violet ingredient_herb8
Ingredient: Yarrow ingredient_herb9
Ingredient: Gall Bladder ingredient_animal1
Ingredient: Kidney ingredient_animal2
Ingredient: Eyeballs ingredient_animal3
Ingredient: Cloven hooves ingredient_animal4
Ingredient: Antlers ingredient_animal5
Ingredient: Snout ingredient_animal6
Ingredient: Heart ingredient_animal7
Ingredient: Liver ingredient_animal8
Ingredient: Intestines ingredient_animal9
Ingredient: Silver ingredient_metal_exotic1
Ingredient: Mercury ingredient_metal_exotic2
Ingredient: Aqua Regia ingredient_metal_exotic3
Ingredient: Aqua Fortis ingredient_metal_exotic4
Ingredient: Sulphur ingredient_metal_exotic5
Ingredient: Gold ingredient_metal_exotic6
Ingredient: Copper ingredient_metal_exotic7
Ingredient: Iron ingredient_metal_exotic8
Ingredient: Tin ingredient_metal_exotic9
The Crown of Majesty (lv 4) crown_of_majesty_2
Emerald Scepter (lv 4) emerald_scepter_2
Sword of Heroes (lv 4) sword_of_heroes_2
The Crown of Majesty crown_of_majesty
Emerald Scepter emerald_scepter
Sword of Heroes sword_of_heroes
Crown of Pearls crown_of_pearls
Ruby Scepter ruby_scepter
Golden Sword golden_sword
Crown of Lilies the_lily_crown
Noble Scepter noble_scepter
Engraved Sword engraved_sword
Dagger of Glory (lv 4) dagger_of_glory_2
Ruby Bracelets (lv 4) ruby_bracelets_2
Dagger of Glory dagger_of_glory
Ruby Bracelets ruby_bracelets
Bejeweled Dagger bejeweled_dagger
Golden Bracelets golden_bracelets
Engraved Dagger engraved_dagger
Silver Bracelets silver_bracelets
Dagger of Glory (lv 4) dagger_of_glory_2
Celestial Necklace (lv 4) celestial_necklace_2
Dagger of Glory dagger_of_glory
Celestial Necklace celestial_necklace
Bejeweled Dagger bejeweled_dagger
Necklace of Radiance necklace_of_radiance
Engraved Dagger engraved_dagger
Collar of Pearls collar_of_pearls
Heavenly Circlet (lv 4) circlet_of_the_heavens_2
Staff of Majesty (lv 4) staff_of_majesty_2
Heavenly Circlet circlet_of_the_heavens
Staff of Majesty staff_of_majesty
Circlet of the Sun circlet_of_the_sun
Golden Staff golden_staff
Circlet of Twilight circlet_of_twilight
Silver Staff silver_staff
Sword of Heroes (lv 4) sword_of_heroes_2
Crown of Crows (lv 4) crown_of_crows_2
Sword of Heroes sword_of_heroes
Crown of Crows crown_of_crows
Golden Sword golden_sword
Crown of the Sea crown_of_the_sea
Engraved Sword engraved_sword
Iron Crown iron_crown
Hero's Crown (lv 4) heros_crown_2
Axe of the Ancestors (lv 4) axe_of_the_ancestors_2
Hero's Crown heros_crown
Axe of the Ancestors axe_of_the_ancestors
Amber Crown amber_crown
Obsidian Axe obsidian_axe
Engraved Crown engraved_crown
Ceremonial Axe ceremonial_axe
Arming Sword sword_tier_1_new
Longsword sword_tier_2_new
Heartseeker sword_tier_3_heartseeker
Vengeance sword_tier_3_vengeance
Fury sword_tier_3_fury
Dragonseeker sword_tier_4_heartseeker
Heaven's Vengeance sword_tier_4_vengeance
God's Fury sword_tier_4_fury
Scimitar scimitar_tier_1_new
Fine Scimitar scimitar_tier_2_new
The Golden Scimitar scimitar_tier_3_golden
Scimitar of Fortune scimitar_tier_3_fortune
Scimitar of Conquest scimitar_tier_3_conquest
Golden Vengeance scimitar_tier_4_golden
Scimitar of the Night scimitar_tier_4_fortune
Scimitar of Death scimitar_tier_4_conquest
Lance lance_tier_1_new
Twohanded Lance lance_tier_2_new
The Impaler lance_tier_3_impaler
The Trident lance_tier_3_trident
The Piercer lance_tier_3_piercer
Bleeding Lance lance_tier_4_trident
Death Strike lance_tier_4_piercer
Ascalon lance_tier_4_impaler
Throwing Axe axe_tier_1_new
Battle Axe axe_tier_2_new
Cleaver axe_tier_3_cleaver
Ravager axe_tier_3_ravager
Marauder axe_tier_3_marauder
Darkbringer axe_tier_4_marauder
Heaven's Devastator axe_tier_4_ravager
The Dragon Cleaver axe_tier_4_cleaver
Mace mace_tier_1_new
Iron Mace mace_tier_2_new
The Foe Hammer mace_tier_3_foe_hammer
The Bone Breaker mace_tier_3_bone_breaker
The Shatterer mace_tier_3_shatterer
The Skullcrusher mace_tier_4_foe_hammer
The Twilight Hammer mace_tier_4_bone_breaker
The Giant Shatterer mace_tier_4_shatterer
Self Bow bow_tier_1_new
Composite Bow bow_tier_2_new
Silent Wind bow_tier_3_silent_wind
Lightning bow_tier_3_lightning
Eagle bow_tier_3_eagle
Death Wind bow_tier_4_silent_wind
Lightning Strike bow_tier_4_lightning
Ice Eagle bow_tier_4_eagle
Chain Mail armor_tier_1
Splint Mail armor_tier_2
Guardian armor_tier_3_guardian
Champion armor_tier_3_champion
Warden armor_tier_3_warden
Angelic Guardian armor_tier_4_guardian
Green Armor armor_tier_4_champion
Immortal armor_tier_4_warden
Mail Horse Armor horse_armor_tier_1
Heavy Mail Horse Armor horse_armor_tier_2
Golden Stallion Armor horse_armor_tier_3_golden_stallion
Gilded Mare Armor horse_armor_tier_3_gilded_mare
Ornate Steed Armor horse_armor_tier_3_ornate_steed
Jade Dragon jade_dragon
Dragon Amulet chinese_dragon_amulet
[offmap_china.GetShortName] Artwork chinese_artwork
[offmap_china.GetShortName] Calligraphy chinese_calligraphy
[offmap_china.GetShortName] Sculpture chinese_sculpture
Ceremonial Robes chinese_ceremonial_robes
Silk Shroud silk_shroud
Water Clock water_clock
Jian jian_sword
Small Figurine chinese_prev_emperor_sculpture
Chinese Arm Protector chinese_arm_protector
Serpent Spear chinese_serpent_spear
Ji chinese_ji
Zhuge Crossbow chinese_crossbow
Bronze Sculpture chinese_bronze_sculpture
Painting of Shanguang Tí chinese_painting_of_glitterhoof
Tapestry Depicting Trade chinese_tapestry
Chinese Tapestry chinese_tapestry_grand
The Art of War art_of_war
Classic of Poetry classic_of_poetry
Chinese Compendium of Medicine chinese_book_health
Chinese Treatise on Law chinese_book_law
Chinese History Book chinese_book_history
Chinese Economic Chronicle chinese_book_economy
Chinese Journal chinese_journal
How To Hold a Sword how_to_hold_a_sword
A Soldier's Life a_soldiers_life
A History of Armor a_history_of_armor
The Life of [Root.GetBestName] the_life_of_root
Military Strategy, according to [Root.GetBestName] military_strategy_guide
The Fechtbuch my_fechtbuch
Codex [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] codex_dynasty_name
The Sword and Buckler Manual the_sword_and_buckler
Lessons Inspired By My Enemy lessons_taught_to_me_by_rival_1
Lessons Taught Me By My Enemy lessons_taught_to_me_by_rival_2
Lessons Taught Me By My Enemy, by [Root.GetTitledFirstName] lessons_taught_to_me_by_rival_3
The Wisdom of the Heavens the_wisdom_of_the_heavens
Ordinary Beasts and How to Avoid Them ordinary_beasts
The White [Root.GetRegionalBigAnimalCap] the_white_animal
The Bestiary the_bestiary
The Book of Shadows the_book_of_shadows
On [Root.Government.GetName] Warfare on_government_type_warfare
A Culinary Diary, by [Root.GetFirstName] culinary_diary
Yes, I Ate That yes_I_ate_that
The Well-Dressed Chef the_well_dressed_chef
The Big Book of Meat big_book_of_meat
A Book of Vegetables a_book_of_vegetables
Fruits - The Book fruits_the_book
Shoddy Recipe Collection, by [Root.GetTitledFirstName] shoddy_recipes
Decent Cookbook decent_cookbook
Honest Recipes honest_recipes
Gastronomic Tonics gastronomic_tonics
The Omnivore the_omnivore
The [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] Cookbook, by [Root.GetFirstName] the_dynasty_cookbook
Modest Measures modest_measures
Feeding a Realm good_cookbook
Apicius cookbook_3_roman
Kitab al-Tabikh cookbook_3_arabic
Yinshan Zhengyao cookbook_3_chinese_group
Das Buch von guter Speise cookbook_3_central_german
Fishing with [Root.GetFirstName] bad_fishing_book
On [Root.Culture] Architecture on_culture_architecture
How to Build A Well how_to_build_a_well
Gardens of the Moon gardens_of_planet
A Treatise of Fishing with an Angle treatise_on_fishing
In Honor of [Root.Religion.HighGod] in_honor_of_highgod
Faith Eternal faith_eternal
What Do Monks Wear what_do_monks_wear
Hymns to [Root.Religion.HighGod] hymns_to_highgod
Choice Passages, by [Root.GetTitledFirstName] choice_passages
A History of Temples a_history_of_churches
How to Worship [Root.Religion.HighGod] how_to_worship
[Root.Religion.ScriptureName] Improved the_not_actual_holy_book
The Spirits Among Us the_spirits
The [Root.Culture] Language, Volume I learning_languages_1
The [Root.Culture] Language, Volume II learning_languages_2
The [Root.Culture] Language, Volume III learning_languages_3
The [Root.Culture] Language, Volume IV learning_languages_4
The [Root.Government.GetName] Realm the_republic
Unnatural History unnatural_history
The Confessions of [Root.GetDynName] the_confessions_of_root
Kitab al-Shifa the_book_of_healing
Human Anatomy human_anatomy
Common Maladies and their Remedies maladies_and_remedies
The Comforting Boulder comforting_poetry
Equine Maxims equine_maxims
Equine Sequins equine_sequins
Court Etiquette - Volume 1 court_etiquette_1
Court Etiquette - Volume 2 court_etiquette_2
Court Etiquette - Volume 3 court_etiquette_3
How To Compose A Letter how_to_write_a_letter
Notes From A Kitchen notes_from_a_kitchen
Fifty Nuances of [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] fifty_shades_of_root
Kama Sutra kama_sutra
In Honor of My Beloved in_honor_of_roots_beloved_1
To My Beautiful Love in_honor_of_roots_beloved_2
A [Root.Culture] Tale in_honor_of_roots_beloved_3
How to Make Allies and Influence Vassals how_to_make_allies
The Art of Love the_art_of_love
The Hunchback the_hunchback_of_capital
The [Root.GetFirstName]iad the_illiad
The [Root.GetFirstName]ey the_odyssey
Contracts of the [Root.Culture] contracts_of_the_romans
Speculum Regale speculum_regale
Book on Courtesy religious_head_culture_courtesy
Keeping A Court keeping_government_court
To My Descendants, by [Root.GetDynName] to_my_descendants
Records of the [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] records_of_roots_dynasty
The [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] Records the_legend_of_roots_ancestors_1
Legends of the [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] the_legend_of_roots_ancestors_2
The Legendary [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] the_legend_of_roots_ancestors_3
The Annals of [Root.GetOnlyDynastyName] the_annals_of_roots_dynasty
The Legendary [From.OriginalOwner.GetOnlyDynastyName] [From.OriginalOwner.GetWarriorRoleCap] or The Legendary [warrior_relative.GetOnlyDynastyName] [warrior_relative.GetWarriorRoleCap] the_legendary_dynasty_warrior
The Virtues of [saintly_relative.GetFirstName] the_saintly_relative
A Story About My Aunt a_story_about_my_aunt
The Secret History of the [Root.Culture] the_secret_history_of_culture
Reichskrone crown_hre
Imperial Diadem crown_byzantine
Karen Crown crown_pahlavi
Sacred War Crown crown_crusader_king
Winged Helmet crown_winged_helmet
Shrouded Helmet crown_wrapped_helmet
Spirit-Mask of Bravery crown_african_mask_1
Spirit-Mask of Terror crown_african_mask_2
Spirit-Mask of Determination crown_african_mask_3
Spirit-Mask of Ruthlessness crown_african_mask_4
Spirit-Mask of Trickery crown_african_mask_5
Spirit-Mask of Anger crown_african_mask_6
Spirit-Mask of Staunchness crown_african_mask_7
Spirit-Mask of Flight crown_african_mask_8
Carved Totem scepter_african_1
Ivory Idol scepter_african_2
Rainstick scepter_african_3
Finger of [found_saint.GetTitledName] saintly_finger
Bone of [found_saint.GetTitledName] saintly_bone
Skull of [found_saint.GetTitledName] saintly_skull_tier_1
Skull of [found_saint.GetTitledName] saintly_skull_tier_2
Tongue of [found_saint.GetTitledName] saintly_tongue
Fylkirian Crown crown_fylkir
Tengrikutan Crown crown_tengri_fylkir
Tietajan Crown crown_finnish_fylkir
Whispering Crown crown_west_african_fylkir
Solar Crown crown_zun_fylkir
Ancient Crown crown_slavic_fylkir
Mystic Crown crown_romuva_fylkir
Tlatoanic Crown crown_aztec_fylkir
Scepter of Tranquility scepter_bon_fylkir
Pontifical Scepter scepter_hellenic_fylkir
Sword of [great_conqueror.GetFullName] sword_great_conqueror
Unicorn Flair crown_unicorn_helmet
word of [GetRandomPlanetName] random_world_sword
Armor of [GetRandomPlanetName] random_world_armor
Heart of a [GetRandomMythologicalCreature] random_world_mythological_heart_1
Blood of a [GetRandomMythologicalCreature] random_world_mythological_blood
Eye of a [GetRandomMythologicalCreature] random_world_mythological_eye
Book of Daniel random_world_book_of_dev