CK2 Trait IDs

Below is a seachable table of all 443 trait IDs from Crusader Kings II on Steam (PC / Mac). Use the trait IDs with commands like add_trait and remove_trait to add, remove and change them.

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Trait Name Trait ID
Naive Appeaser naive_appeaser
Underhanded Rogue underhanded_rogue
Charismatic Negotiator charismatic_negotiator
Grey Eminence grey_eminence
Misguided Warrior misguided_warrior
Tough Soldier tough_soldier
Skilled Tactician skilled_tactician
Brilliant Strategist brilliant_strategist
Indulgent Wastrel indulgent_wastrel
Thrifty Clerk thrifty_clerk
Fortune Builder fortune_builder
Midas Touched midas_touched
Amateurish Plotter amateurish_plotter
Flamboyant Schemer flamboyant_schemer
Intricate Webweaver intricate_webweaver
Elusive Shadow elusive_shadow
Detached Priest detached_priest
Dutiful Cleric martial_cleric
Scholarly Theologian scholarly_theologian
Mastermind Theologian mastermind_theologian
Affectionate affectionate
Playful playful
Haughty haughty
Rowdy rowdy
Conscientious conscientious
Fussy fussy
Brooding brooding
Indolent indolent
Willful willful
Curious curious
Idolizer idolizer
Timid timid
Depressed depressed
Drunkard drunkard
Immortal immortal
Incapable incapable
Infirm infirm
Lunatic lunatic
Maimed maimed
Possessed possessed
Renowned Physician physician
Scarred scarred
Grievously Scarred scarred_mid
Horrifically Scarred scarred_high
Stressed stressed
Wounded wounded
Aztec Disease has_aztec_disease
Camp Fever has_typhus
Cancer cancer
Consumption has_tuberculosis
Dancing Plague dancing_plague
Dysentery dysentery
Flu flu
Food Poisoning food_poisoning
Gout gout
Has Great Pox syphilitic
Has Slow Fever has_typhoid_fever
Ill ill
Leper leper
Measles has_measles
Pneumonic pneumonic
Rabies rabies
Scurvy scurvy
Sickly sickly
Smallpox has_small_pox
The Plague has_bubonic_plague
Abdominal Pain abdominal_pain
Chest Pain chest_pain
Cough cough
Cramps cramps
Diarrhea diarrhea
Fatigue fatigue
Fever fever
Headache headache
Infection infection
Malaise malaise
Rash rash
Vomiting vomiting
Disfigured disfigured
Mangled mangled
One-Eyed one_eyed
One-Handed one_handed
One-Legged one_legged
Severely Injured severely_injured
Fat is_fat
Malnourished is_malnourished
Bastard bastard
Born in the Purple born_in_the_purple
Child of Concubine child_of_consort
Child of Consort child_of_consort_male
Legitimized Bastard legit_bastard
Twin twin
Pregnant pregnant
Final Months pregnancy_finishing
Difficult Pregnancy hard_pregnancy
Troubled Pregnancy troubled_pregnancy
Attractive fair
Genius genius
Quick quick
Strong strong
Clubfooted clubfooted
Dwarf dwarf
Harelip harelip
Hunchback hunchback
Imbecile imbecile
Inbred inbred
Lisp lisp
Slow slow
Stutter stutter
Ugly ugly
Weak weak
Giant giant
Left-Handed lefthanded
Brawny robust
Sturdy sturdy
Frail feeble
Shrewd shrewd
Dull dull
Groomed groomed
Uncouth uncouth
Administrator administrator
Architect architect
Duelist duelist
Game Master gamer
Gardener gardener
Hedonist hedonist
Hunter hunter
Impaler impaler
Master Schemer schemer
Master Seducer seducer
Master Seductress seductress
Mystic mystic
Scholar scholar
Socializer socializer
Strategist strategist
Theologian theologian
Celibate celibate
Falconer falconer
Poet poet
Chaste chaste
Temperate temperate
Charitable charitable
Diligent diligent
Patient patient
Kind kind
Humble humble
Lustful lustful
Gluttonous gluttonous
Greedy greedy
Slothful slothful
Wroth wroth
Envious envious
Proud proud
Ambitious ambitious
Arbitrary arbitrary
Brave brave
Content content
Craven craven
Cruel cruel
Cynical cynical
Deceitful deceitful
Erudite erudite
Gregarious gregarious
Honest honest
Just just
Paranoid paranoid
Shy shy
Stubborn stubborn
Trusting trusting
Zealous zealous
Aggressive Leader aggressive_leader
Battlefield Terrain Master narrow_flank_leader
Defender defensive_leader
Direct Leader experimenter
Flanker flanker
Holy Warrior holy_warrior
Inspiring Leader inspiring_leader
Organizer organizer
Siege Leader siege_leader
Trickster trickster
Unyielding unyielding_leader
Winter Soldier winter_soldier
Cavalry Leader cavalry_leader
Heavy Infantry Leader heavy_infantry_leader
Light Foot Leader light_foot_leader
War Elephant Leader war_elephant_leader
Desert Expert desert_terrain_leader
Flat Terrain Expert flat_terrain_leader
Jungle Expert jungle_terrain_leader
Mountain Expert mountain_terrain_leader
Rough Terrain Expert rough_terrain_leader
Way of the Dog logistics_expert
Way of the Dragon master_of_flame
Way of the Leopard sapper
Way of the Tiger levy_coordinator
Fearsome norse_leader
Marauder tengri_leader
Forest Ambusher baltic_leader
Shield of the Tundra finnish_leader
Pillar of the Plains slavic_leader
Spirit Warrior west_african_leader
Scorcher zun_leader
Mountain Guardian bon_leader
Aeneator hellenic_leader
On pilgrimage on_pilgrimage
Pilgrim pilgrim
Crowned by a Bishop crowned_by_priest
Crowned by [a Prince-Bishop] crowned_by_bishop
Crowned by [a Pope] crowned_by_pope
Self-Crowned crowned_by_myself
Baptized by [a pope or patriarch] baptized_by_pope
Baptized by [a Prince-Bishop] baptized_by_bishop
Baptized by [a satanist] baptized_by_satan
Ashari ashari
Decadent decadent
Faqih faqih
Hafiz hafiz
Hajjaj hajjaj
Mirza mirza
Mutazilite mutazilite
On Hajj on_hajj
Sayyid sayyid
Berserker berserker
Shieldmaiden shieldmaiden
Saoshyant saoshyant
Saoshyant Descendant saoshyant_descendant
Pilgrim indian_pilgrim
On pilgrimage on_indian_pilgrimage
Brahmin brahmin
Kshatriya kshatriya
Vaishya vaishya
Shaivist shaivist_hindu
Shaktist shaktist_hindu
Smartist smartist_hindu
Vaishnavist vaishnavist_hindu
Mahayana Buddhist mahayana_buddhist
Theravada Buddhist theravada_buddhist
Vajrayana Buddhist vajrayana_buddhist
Digambara Jain digambara_jain
Svetambara Jain svetambara_jain
Monk monk
Nun nun
Muni muni
Aryika aryika
Bhikkhu bhikkhu
Bhikkuni bhikkhuni
Sanyasi sanyasi
Sanyasini sanyasini
Ares' Own ares_own
Crusader crusader
Eagle Knight eagle_warrior
Gond-i Shahanshah gondi_shahansha
Hound of Dievas romuvas_own
Kanai shaddai
Mujahid mujahid
Nyame's Shield nyames_shield
Perun's Chosen peruns_chosen
Skylord tengri_warrior
Ukko's Hammer ukkos_shield
Valhalla Bound valhalla_bound
Warrior of the Sun sun_warrior
Kailash Guardian kailash_guardian
Sympathy for Christendom sympathy_christendom
Sympathy for Eastern religions sympathy_indian
Sympathy for Islam sympathy_islam
Sympathy for Judaism sympathy_judaism
Sympathy for Pagans sympathy_pagans
Sympathy for Zoroastrianism sympathy_zoroastrianism
Immoral Priest bad_priest_zoroastrian
Unworthy Priest bad_priest_aztec
Unworthy Priest bad_priest_norse
Unworthy Priest bad_priest_tengri
Wicked Caliph bad_priest_muslim
Wicked Priest bad_priest_christian
Aries zodiac_aries
Taurus zodiac_taurus
Gemini zodiac_gemini
Cancer zodiac_cancer
Leo zodiac_leo
Virgo zodiac_virgo
Libra zodiac_libra
Scorpio zodiac_scorpio
Sagittarius zodiac_sagittarius
Capricorn zodiac_capricorn
Aquarius zodiac_aquarius
Pisces zodiac_pisces
Haemophiliac bloodthirsty_gods_1
Haemophant bloodthirsty_gods_2
Haemoarch bloodthirsty_gods_3
Syncretist pagan_branch_1
Spiritualist pagan_branch_2
Militant pagan_branch_3
Tribalist pagan_branch_4
On Kowtow kow_tow_travels
Kowtow Complete (Tier I) kow_tow_completed_tier_1
Kowtow Complete (Tier II) kow_tow_completed_tier_2
Kowtow Complete (Tier III) kow_tow_completed_tier_3
Viking viking
Pirate pirate
Ravager ravager
Sea King seaking
Sea Queen sea_queen
Kinslayer kinslayer
Familial Kinslayer familial_kinslayer
Dynastic Kinslayer dynastic_kinslayer
Tribal Kinslayer tribal_kinslayer
Adventurer adventurer
Augustus augustus
Blinded blinded
Cannibal cannibal_trait
Cat cat
Eunuch eunuch
Excommunicated excommunicated
Heresiarch heresiarch
Homosexual homosexual
Horse horse
In Hiding in_hiding
Lover's Pox lovers_pox
On a Journey travelling
Peasant Leader peasant_leader
Reincarnation reincarnation
Varangian varangian
Cannot get married cannot_marry
Secretly Catholic secretly_catholic
Secretly Cathar secretly_cathar
Secretly Fraticelli secretly_fraticelli
Secretly Waldensian secretly_waldensian
Secretly Lollard secretly_lollard
Secretly Orthodox Christian secretly_orthodox
Secretly Bogomilist secretly_bogomilist
Secretly Monothelite secretly_monothelite
Secretly Iconoclast secretly_iconoclast
Secretly Paulician secretly_paulician
Secretly Miaphysite secretly_miaphysite
Secretly Monophysite secretly_monophysite
Secretly Nestorian secretly_nestorian
Secretly Messalian secretly_messalian
Secretly Sunni secretly_sunni
Secretly Zikri secretly_zikri
Secretly Yazidi secretly_yazidi
Secretly Shiite secretly_shiite
Secretly Druze secretly_druze
Secretly Hurufi secretly_hurufi
Secretly Ibadi secretly_ibadi
Secretly Kharijite secretly_kharijite
Secretly Jewish secretly_jewish
Secretly Samaritan secretly_samaritan
Secretly Karaite secretly_karaite
Secretly Zoroastrian secretly_zoroastrian
Secretly Mazdaki secretly_mazdaki
Secretly Manichean secretly_manichean
Secretly Hindu secretly_hinduism
Secretly Buddhist secretly_buddhism
Secretly Jain secretly_jain
Secretly Germanic Pagan secretly_norse_pagan
Secretly Reformed Germanic Pagan secretly_norse_pagan_reformed
Secretly Romuva secretly_baltic_pagan
Secretly Reformed Romuva secretly_baltic_pagan_reformed
Secretly Suomenusko secretly_finnish_pagan
Secretly Reformed Suomenusko Pagan secretly_finnish_pagan_reformed
Secretly Slavic Pagan secretly_slavic_pagan
Secretly Reformed Slavic Pagan secretly_slavic_pagan_reformed
Secretly Tengri secretly_tengri_pagan
Secretly Reformed Tengri secretly_tengri_pagan_reformed
Secretly Aztec secretly_aztec
Secretly Reformed Aztec Pagan secretly_aztec_reformed
Secretly African Pagan secretly_west_african_pagan
Secretly Reformed African Pagan secretly_west_african_pagan_reformed
Secretly Zun Pagan secretly_zun_pagan
Secretly Reformed Zun Pagan secretly_zun_pagan_reformed
Secretly Hellenic Pagan secretly_hellenic_pagan
Secretly Pagan secretly_pagan
Vohunazga Guardian masterless_dog
House Dog house_dog
Vanghapara Pet hedgehog
Sag-e Aabi Guardian otter
Uncrowned uncrowned
Freckles freckles
Baptized by [Root.GetBaptizedByName] baptized_by_patriarch
Freckles freckles_2
Freckles freckles_3
Freckles freckles_4
Freckles freckles_5
saint saint
Beatified beatified
Blessed Ancestor blessed_ancestor
Crowned by a Bishop crowned_by_priest_rd
Crowned by a Prince-Bishop crowned_by_bishop_rd
Crowned by the Pope crowned_by_pope_rd
Crusader King crusader_king
Crusader Queen crusader_queen
sick_incapable sick_incapable
disinherited disinherited
dead_crown_hre dead_crown_hre
dead_crown_pahlavi dead_crown_pahlavi
dead_crown_byzantine dead_crown_byzantine
dead_crown_fylkir dead_crown_fylkir
dead_crown_tengri_fylkir dead_crown_tengri_fylkir
dead_crown_finnish_fylkir dead_crown_finnish_fylkir
dead_iron_crown_lombardy dead_iron_crown_lombardy
dead_cursed_diamond_crown dead_cursed_diamond_crown
i_used_to_be_a_player i_used_to_be_a_player
dead_crown_west_african_fylkir dead_crown_west_african_fylkir
dead_crown_slavic_fylkir dead_crown_slavic_fylkir
dead_crown_romuva_fylkir dead_crown_romuva_fylkir
dead_scepter_bon_fylkir dead_scepter_bon_fylkir
dead_crown_zun_fylkir dead_crown_zun_fylkir
dead_scepter_hellenic_fylkir dead_scepter_hellenic_fylkir
dead_crown_aztec_fylkir dead_crown_aztec_fylkir
scarred_type_1 scarred_type_1
scarred_type_2 scarred_type_2
scarred_type_3 scarred_type_3
scarred_type_4 scarred_type_4
scarred_type_5 scarred_type_5
scarred_type_6 scarred_type_6
scarred_type_7 scarred_type_7
scarred_type_8 scarred_type_8
scarred_type_9 scarred_type_9
scarred_type_10 scarred_type_10
african_tattoo_1 african_tattoo_1
african_tattoo_2 african_tattoo_2
african_tattoo_3 african_tattoo_3
african_tattoo_4 african_tattoo_4
african_tattoo_5 african_tattoo_5
african_tattoo_6 african_tattoo_6
african_tattoo_7 african_tattoo_7
african_tattoo_8 african_tattoo_8
norse_tattoo_1 norse_tattoo_1
norse_tattoo_2 norse_tattoo_2
norse_tattoo_3 norse_tattoo_3
norse_tattoo_4 norse_tattoo_4
norse_tattoo_5 norse_tattoo_5
norse_tattoo_6 norse_tattoo_6
slavic_tattoo_1 slavic_tattoo_1
slavic_tattoo_2 slavic_tattoo_2
slavic_tattoo_3 slavic_tattoo_3
slavic_tattoo_4 slavic_tattoo_4
slavic_tattoo_5 slavic_tattoo_5
slavic_tattoo_6 slavic_tattoo_6
african_tattoo_9 african_tattoo_9
african_tattoo_10 african_tattoo_10
african_tattoo_11 african_tattoo_11
african_tattoo_12 african_tattoo_12