Crusader Kings 2 Society IDs

All 27 society IDs from Crusader Kings II on Steam (PC / Mac) can be found in the below table. Use the society IDs with commands like join_society and society_rank_up.

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Type the name of a society, or a society ID, into the search box below to search all 27 society IDs in the table.

Society Name Society ID
The Benedictine Order monastic_order_benedictine
The Dominican Order monastic_order_dominican
The Community of Saint Basil monastic_order_orthodox
The Community of Saint Abraham monastic_order_nestorian
The Community of Saint Anthony monastic_order_monophysite
The Advaita Matha monastic_order_hindu
The Savaka-Sangha monastic_order_buddhist
The Sravaka-Samgha monastic_order_jain
Lucifer's Own the_satanists
The Fellowship of Hel the_trollcrafters
The Cult of Kali Purusha the_cult_of_kali
The Cold Ones the_cold_ones
The Plaguebringers the_plaguebringers
The Wolf Warriors warrior_lodge_norse
The Eagle Warriors warrior_lodge_tengri
The Band of Medeina warrior_lodge_baltic
The Followers of Otso warrior_lodge_finnish
The Champions of Perun warrior_lodge_slavic
The Children of the Storm warrior_lodge_west_african
The Keepers of the Flame warrior_lodge_zun
The Sentinels of Light warrior_lodge_bon
The Olympian Champions warrior_lodge_hellenic
monastic_order_stoics monastic_order_stoics
hermetics hermetics
the_assassins the_assassins
the_vodouns the_vodouns
the_bacchants the_bacchants