CK2 Nickname IDs

Below is a table of all Crusader Kings 2 nickname IDs from the latest version of the game on Steam.

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Nickname Nickname ID
The Lawgiver nick_the_lawgiver
The Usurper nick_the_usurper
The Hammer nick_the_hammer
The Conqueror nick_the_conqueror
The Victorious nick_the_victorious
The Crusader nick_the_crusader
The Holy nick_the_holy
The Avenger nick_the_avenger
The Brave nick_the_brave
The Fearless nick_the_fearless
The Martyr nick_the_martyr
The Unlucky nick_the_unlucky
The Lucky nick_the_lucky
The Restorer nick_the_restorer
The Effeminate nick_the_effeminate
The Clueless nick_the_clueless
The Ill-tempered nick_the_ill_tempered
The Affable nick_the_affable
The Heathen nick_the_heathen
The Liberator nick_the_liberator
Haardraade nick_haardraade
The Jackal nick_the_jackal
The Glorious nick_the_glorious
The Saint nick_the_saint
Lodbrok nick_lodbrok
The Boneless nick_the_boneless
Bluetooth nick_bluetooth
Snake-in-the-eye nick_snake_in_the_eye
Fairhair nick_fairhair
Whiteshirt nick_whiteshirt
The Stranger nick_the_stranger
The Bald nick_the_bald
The Stammerer nick_the_stammerer
The German nick_the_german
The Younger nick_the_younger
The Youthful nick_the_youthful
The Saoshyant nick_the_saoshyant
Hardeknud nick_hardeknud
The Maid nick_the_maid
D'Arc nick_darc
The Master of Hungary nick_the_master_of_hungary
Wartooth nick_hildetand
Ring nick_ring
The Unfaithful nick_the_unfaithful
The Beguiling nick_the_beguiling
The Temptress nick_the_temptress
The Seducer nick_the_seducer
The Lewd nick_the_lewd
The Lecher nick_the_lecher
The Unchaste nick_the_unchaste
Of the Wilds nick_of_the_wilds
The [Root.Culture.GetName] nick_the_culture
The [Root.Religion.GetGroupName] nick_the_rel_group
The Shadow nick_the_shadow
The Whisperer nick_the_whisperer
The Spider nick_the_spider
The Impaler nick_the_impaler
The Pilgrim nick_the_pilgrim
The Viking nick_the_viking
The Decadent nick_the_decadent
Bloodaxe nick_bloodaxe
The Sword of [Root.Religion.GetRandomGodName] nick_the_sword_of_god
The Shrewd nick_the_shrewd
The Wily nick_the_wily
The Fox nick_the_fox
The Jovial nick_the_jovial
The Jolly nick_the_jolly
The Gracious nick_the_gracious
The Rash nick_the_rash
The Headless nick_the_headless
The Beheader nick_the_beheader
The Ruthless nick_the_ruthless
The Strange nick_the_strange
The Red nick_the_red
The Sea-Devil nick_the_sea_devil
The Lioness nick_the_lioness
The Flail of [Root.Liege.PrimaryTitle.GetName] nick_the_flail_of
The Scourge of [Root.Liege.PrimaryTitle.GetName] nick_the_scourge_of
The Alchemist nick_the_alchemist
The Survivor nick_the_survivor
The Shieldmaiden nick_the_shieldmaiden
The Clumsy nick_the_clumsy
The Valkyrie nick_the_valkyrie
The Defender nick_the_defender
The Legendary nick_the_legendary
The Destroyer nick_the_destroyer
The Scourge of [nickname_target.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_the_scourge_of_god
Slayer of the [nickname_target.Culture.GetName] nick_the_slayer_of_culture
The Terror of [nickname_target.GetName] nick_the_terror_of_provincename
The Butcher nick_the_butcher
[This.GetSonDaughterCap] of [This.Religion.GetRandomEvilGodName] nick_son_of_evilgod
The Cleansing Flame nick_the_cleansing_flame
The Witch Hunter nick_the_witch_hunter
The Vengeful nick_the_vengeful
The Betrayer nick_the_betrayer
The Flayer nick_the_flayer
The Evil nick_the_evil
The Tormentor nick_the_tormentor
The Mutilator nick_the_mutilator
The Eastern Wind nick_the_eastern_wind
The Despoiler nick_the_despoiler
The Bane of [nickname_target.PrimaryTitle.GetName] nick_the_bane_of_realmname
The Depraved nick_the_depraved
The Monster nick_the_monster
The Abomination nick_the_abomination
The [nickname_receiver.Culture.GetName] Marauder nick_the_culture_marauder
The [Root.GetTitle]slayer nick_the_kingslayer
Iron Hand nick_iron_hand
Peg Leg nick_peg_leg
The Goldsmith nick_the_goldsmith
The Weaponsmith nick_the_weaponsmith
The Inquisitor nick_the_inquisitor
The Purifier nick_the_purifier
The Tiger nick_the_tiger
The World Burner nick_the_world_burner
The Armorsmith nick_the_armorsmith
The Trader nick_the_trader
The Vatican Prince nick_the_vatican_prince
The Vatican Princess nick_the_vatican_princess
The Heavenly nick_the_heavenly
The Pale Prince nick_the_pale_prince
The [This.GetLeechRank] nick_the_leechlord
The Black Boar nick_the_black_boar
The Apostate nick_the_apostate
The Hawk of Quarysh nick_the_hawk_of_quarysh
The Explorer nick_the_explorer
The Astrologer nick_the_astrologer
The Scourge nick_the_scourge
The Guide nick_the_guide
The Belligerent nick_the_belligerent
The Knight of Turnips nick_the_knight_of_turnips
The Great [Root.GetRegionalBigAnimalCap] nick_the_great_beast
The Great Eagle nick_the_great_eagle
The Artist-[Root.GetTitle] nick_the_artist_ruler
The Ambitious nick_the_ambitious
The Bloody nick_the_bloody
The Diplomat nick_the_diplomat
The Kind-Hearted nick_the_kind_hearted
The Generous nick_the_generous
The Executioner nick_the_executioner
Iron Fist nick_iron_fist
Stone Fist nick_stone_fist
The Bulwark nick_the_bulwark
The Tower nick_the_tower
The Wall of [Root.PrimaryTitle.GetName] nick_the_wall_of_title
The Underdog nick_the_underdog
The [battlefield_location.GetTerrainCap] Commander nick_the_terrain_commander
The [battlefield_location.GetGroundDescCap]-Warrior nick_the_ground_warrior
[Root.GetLordLady] of the [battlefield_location.GetTerrainCap] nick_lord_lady_of_the_terrain
[Root.GetLordLady] [battlefield_location.GetGroundDescCap] nick_lord_lady_ground
[GetWarriorBattleNick] nick_warrior_lodge_spirit
The Submissive nick_the_submissive
The Deliverer nick_the_deliverer
The Purified nick_the_purified
The Illuminated nick_the_illuminated
The Exalted nick_the_exalted
The Awoken nick_the_awoken
Bleeding-Eyes nick_the_bleeding_eyes
The Sky Rider nick_the_sky_rider
The Civilized nick_the_civilized
The Missionary nick_the_missionary
The Proselytizer nick_the_proselytizer
The Adjudicator nick_the_adjudicator
The Enlightened nick_the_enlightened
The Waking-Teacher nick_the_waking_teacher
Whirling-Spell nick_the_whirling_spell
The Horse Shepherd nick_the_horse_shepherd
The Educator nick_the_educator
The White Raven nick_the_white_raven
The Salt-Snake nick_the_salt_snake
The Salt-Viper nick_the_salt_viper
The Siren nick_the_siren
The Wyrm nick_the_wyrm
The Fury nick_the_fury
The Stormforged nick_the_stormforged
The Tempest of [Root.Capital.GetName] nick_the_tempest_of_capital
The Lisp and Lame nick_the_lisp_and_lame
The Able nick_the_able
The Kind nick_the_kind
The Good nick_the_good
The Troubadour nick_the_troubadour
The Strong nick_the_strong
The Magnanimous nick_the_magnanimous
The Simple nick_the_simple
The Merry nick_the_merry
The Noble nick_the_noble
The Blind nick_the_blind
The Leper nick_the_leper
The Gentle nick_the_gentle
The Proud nick_the_proud
The Silent nick_the_silent
The Bastard nick_the_bastard
The Gouty nick_the_gouty
Half-Hand nick_half_hand
The Chaste nick_the_chaste
The Hunter nick_the_hunter
The Fowler nick_the_fowler
The Just nick_the_just
The Lame nick_the_lame
The Handsome nick_the_handsome
The Fair nick_the_fair
The Hideous nick_the_hideous
The Frog nick_the_frog
The Repulsive nick_the_repulsive
The Mad nick_the_mad
The Fat nick_the_fat
The Hollow nick_the_hollow
The Drunkard nick_the_drunkard
The Cruel nick_the_cruel
The Wise nick_the_wise
The Resilient nick_the_resilient
One-Eye nick_one_eye
One-Hand nick_one_hand
The Legless nick_one_leg
Of a Thousand Faces nick_of_a_thousand_faces
The Cannibal nick_the_cannibal
The Frail nick_the_frail
The Weak nick_the_weak
The Brute nick_the_brute
The Plaguebearer nick_the_plaguebearer
The Persevering nick_the_persevering
The Tenacious nick_the_mule
The Wealthy nick_the_wealthy
The Loyal nick_the_loyal
The [Root.GetLordLady] of [Root.PrimaryTitle.GetName] nick_the_lord_of_realm
Twistedbeard nick_twistedbeard
The Bear nick_the_bear
The Boar nick_the_boar
The Faceless nick_the_faceless
The Cyclops nick_the_cyclops
The Beanstalk nick_the_beanstalk
The Accursed nick_the_accursed
The Wicked nick_the_wicked
The Bewitched nick_the_bewitched
Priest-Hater nick_priest_hater
The Pious nick_the_pious
The Apostle nick_the_apostle
The Blessed nick_the_blessed
The Confessor nick_the_confessor
The Monk nick_the_monk
The Nun nick_the_nun
Ironside nick_the_ironside
The Lion nick_the_lion
The Lionheart nick_the_lionheart
The Bold nick_the_bold
The Unready nick_the_unready
The Ill-Ruler nick_the_ill_ruler
The Terrible nick_the_terrible
The Tyrant nick_the_tyrant
The Oppressor nick_the_oppressor
The [Root.GetWarlockWitch] nick_the_witch
The Magnificent nick_the_magnificent
The Quarreller nick_the_quarreller
The Devil nick_the_devil
The Dragon nick_the_dragon
The Dragoness nick_the_dragoness
The Careless nick_the_careless
The Young nick_the_young
The Old nick_the_old
The Undying nick_the_undying
The Great nick_the_great
Of the Empty Pockets nick_of_the_empty_pockets
The Hunchback nick_the_hunchback
The Scholar nick_the_scholar
The Black nick_the_black
The Wolf nick_the_wolf
The Giant nick_the_giant
The Timely Rain the_timely_rain
The Jade Unicorn the_jade_unicorn
The Wizard the_wizard
The Big Halberd the_big_halberd
The Panther Head the_panther_head
The Thunderbolt the_thunderbolt
The Whirlwind the_whirlwind
Beautiful Beard beautiful_beard
The Tattooed Monk the_tattooed_monk
The Black Whirlwind the_black_whirlwind
The Unrestrained the_unrestrained
The Winged Tiger the_winged_tiger
The Turbulent River Dragon the_turbulent_river_dragon
The Ferocious Giant the_ferocious_giant
The Prodigy the_prodigy
Tiny nick_tiny
The Roaring Flame nick_the_roaring_flame
Shield of [nick_target_the_shield_of_capital.Capital.GetName] nick_the_shield_of_capital
The Goliath nick_the_goliath
Ladder Legs nick_the_ladder_legs
The Peacock nick_the_peacock
The Bellower nick_the_bellower
The [GetRandomMythologicalCreature] nick_the_mythological_creature
Of the Nine Hostages nick_of_the_nine_hostages
The Fool-for-[GetJesus] nick_the_fool_for_christ
The Healer nick_the_healer
The Unmercenary Healer nick_the_unmercenary_healer
The Myrrh-Streaming nick_the_myrrh_streaming
The Godbearing nick_the_god_bearing
The Prophet nick_the_prophet
The Understanding nick_the_understanding
The Righteous nick_the_righteous
The Venerable nick_the_venerable
The Spark of [Root.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_the_spark_of_god
The Right-Believing nick_the_right_believing
The Miracle-Worker nick_the_miracle_worker
The Merciful nick_the_merciful
The Impaler of [saint_person.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_gods_torturer
The Hedonist of [saint_person.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_gods_hedonist
The Eater of [saint_person.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_gods_cannibal
Drunken Friend of [saint_person.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_gods_drunkard
The Papal Lover nick_papal_lover
The Lover of [saint_person.Religion.GetHighGodName] nick_gods_seducer
The Protector nick_the_protector
The Guardian nick_the_guardian
The Red Storm nick_the_red_storm
Scarlet-Hands nick_the_scarlet_hands
The Bloodmonger nick_the_blood_monger
The Black Skull nick_the_black_skull
The Heart-eater nick_the_heart_eater
The Slaughterer nick_the_slaughterer
The Spirit-stalker nick_the_spirit_stalker
The Soulflayer nick_the_soul_flayer
The Crimson Reaper nick_the_crimson_reaper
The Dreaded nick_the_dreaded
The Chestbuster nick_the_chest_buster
The Skull-Crusher nick_the_skull_crusher
Quickfoot nick_the_quick_foot
The Bleeder nick_the_bleeder
Sharp-teeth nick_the_sharp_teeth
The Crimson Flurry nick_the_crimson_flurry
The Champion of [Root.Location.GetName] nick_the_champion_of_province
The Bonegnasher nick_the_bone_gnasher
The Gods' Champion nick_the_gods_champion
The Red Gladiator nick_the_red_gladiator
The Red Gladiatrix nick_the_red_gladiatrix
The Crimson Gorgon nick_the_crimson_gorgon
The Scarlet Eagle nick_the_scarlet_eagle
The Exalted Chosen of [Root.Location.GetName] nick_the_exalted_chosen_of_province
The Scarlet Painter nick_the_scarlet_painter
The Word Master nick_the_word_master
The Mead Master nick_the_mead_master
The Horse-Gelder nick_the_horse_gelder
The Undefeated nick_the_undefeated
The Thighbiter nick_the_thigh_biter
Hundred-Flagons nick_the_hundred_flagons
The Bottomless nick_the_bottomless
Silvertongue nick_the_silver_tongue
The Bard nick_the_bard
The Fairest of [Root.Location.GetName] nick_the_fairest_of_location
The Tamer nick_the_tamer
The Strongest of [Root.Location.GetName] nick_the_strongest_of_location
The Beef-Thrasher nick_the_beef_thrasher
The Dove nick_the_dove
The Stallion nick_the_stallion
The Hart of [Root.Location.GetName] nick_the_harth_of_location
The Starweaver nick_the_star_weaver
Quick-Fingers nick_the_quick_fingers
The Flat-Chested nick_the_flat_chested
Oakskin nick_the_oakskin
The Green-Faced nick_the_green_faced
The Word-Thief nick_the_word_thief
The Pups' Gut nick_the_pups_gut
The Jittery nick_the_jittery
Broken Lute nick_the_broken_lute
Dust-Biter nick_the_dust_biter
The Sleepy nick_the_sleepy
The Squealer nick_the_squealer
The Toothless nick_the_toothless
Butterteeth nick_butter_teeth
The Cowardly nick_the_cowardly
The Squirmy nick_the_squirmy
The Frantic nick_the_frantic
The Spare nick_the_spare
Dry-Throat nick_the_dry_throat
The Floor-Kisser nick_the_floor_kisser
The Toothless Wolf nick_the_toothless_wolf
Roughhair nick_the_rough_hair
The Singing Crow nick_the_singing_crow
Broken-Nail nick_the_broken_nail
The Forgetful nick_the_forgetful
The Thin-Minded nick_the_thin_minded
The Messy nick_the_messy
The Pest nick_the_pest
The Little Crow nick_the_little_crow
The Piglet nick_the_piglet
The Splinter nick_the_splinter
The Gnat nick_the_gnat
The Hermit nick_the_hermit
The Recluse nick_the_recluse
The Absolved nick_the_absolved
Strongarm nick_the_strongarm
Irongrip nick_the_iron_grip
Knuckle-Slammer nick_the_knuckle_slammer
The Arm of [Root.Religion.GetRandomGodName] nick_the_gods_arm
The Bone-Squeezer nick_the_bone_squeezer
The Bull nick_the_bull
The Butch nick_the_butch
The Feeble nick_the_feeble
The Milkdrinker nick_the_milkdrinker
Girl-Arm nick_the_girls_arm
The Flower nick_the_flower
Sharp Tongue nick_the_sharp_tongue
The Trickster nick_the_trickster
The Merciless nick_the_merciless
The Word-Slayer nick_the_word_slayer
The Grinner nick_the_grinner
Poison-Tooth nick_the_poison_tooth
The Vixen nick_the_vixen
The Hyena nick_the_hyena
The Short-tempered nick_the_short_tempered
Red-cheeks nick_the_red_cheeks
The Blushing nick_the_blushing
The Shrinking Violet nick_the_shrinking_violet
The Whiner nick_the_whiner
The Moaner nick_the_moaner
The Cheater nick_the_cheater
The Liar nick_the_liar
The Vain nick_the_vain
The Twitchy nick_the_twitchy
The Angel of Jerusalem nick_the_angel_of_location
The Chosen of Gabriel nick_the_chosen_of_gabriel
The Page of Our Lord nick_the_page_of_lord
The Virgin's Maid nick_the_maid_of_virgin
The Messenger of Christ nick_the_messenger_of_christ
The Reaper's Child nick_the_deaths_child
The Snakeling nick_the_snakeling
The Little Spider nick_the_little_spider
The Eerie nick_the_eerie
The Little Nightmare nick_the_little_nightmare
The Reaper nick_the_ripper
The Black Widow nick_the_black_widow
Ferrante nick_the_ferrante
Ironheart nick_the_iron_heart
The Pale Spider nick_the_pale_spider
The Grim Mistress nick_the_grim_mistress
The Young Eagle nick_the_young_eagle
The Green Warrior nick_the_green_warrior
The Warrior Child nick_the_warrior_child
The Young Conqueror nick_the_young_conqueror
The White Knight nick_the_white_knight
The Virago nick_the_virago
The Bloodhound nick_the_bloodhound
The Warrior Philosopher nick_the_warrior_philosopher
The Angel nick_the_angel
The Pure nick_the_pure
The Celestial nick_the_celestial
The Radiant nick_the_radiant
The Innocent nick_the_innocent
The Peace-Maker nick_the_peace_maker
The Munificent nick_the_munificent
The Architect nick_the_architect
The Castellan nick_the_castellan
The Carpenter nick_the_carpenter
The Grandiose nick_the_grandiose
The Griffin nick_the_griffin
The Compassionate nick_the_compassionate
The Founder nick_the_founder
Bloodlime nick_the_bloodlime
The Patron of Arts nick_the_patron_of_arts
The Bastion of [Root.Capital.GetName] nick_the_bastion_of_capital
The Holy Mason nick_the_holy_mason
The Grand Patriarch nick_the_grand_patriarch
The Grand Matriarch nick_the_grand_matriarch
The Philosopher nick_the_philosopher
The Theologian nick_the_theologian
The Zealot nick_the_zealot
The Benevolent nick_the_benevolent
Elder nick_the_elder