CK2 Culture IDs

Below is a table of all 127 cultures, with all culture IDs from Crusader Kings II on Steam. Use these culture IDs with console commands such as the culture command.

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Culture Name Culture ID
Norse norse
Swedish swedish
Norwegian norwegian
Danish danish
German german
Lombard lombard
Frankish old_frankish
Suebi suebi
English english
Anglo-Saxon saxon
Saxon old_saxon
Frisian frisian
Dutch dutch
French frankish
Norman norman
Italian italian
Occitan occitan
Roman roman
Dalmatian dalmatian
Outremer outremer
Basque basque
Castilian castillan
Catalan catalan
Portuguese portuguese
Visigothic visigothic
Arberian arberian
Armenian armenian
Greek greek
Alan alan
Georgian georgian
Assyrian assyrian
Coptic coptic
Gothic crimean_gothic
Irish irish
Scottish scottish
Pictish pictish
Welsh welsh
Breton breton
Finnish finnish
Sami lappish
Estonian ugricbaltic
Komi komi
Khanty khanty
Nenets samoyed
Mordvin mordvin
Meshchera meshchera
Lettigallian lettigallish
Lithuanian lithuanian
Prussian prussian
Turkish turkish
Pecheneg pecheneg
Cuman cuman
Khazar khazar
Bolghar bolghar
Avar avar
Karluk karluk
Kirghiz kirghiz
Uyghur uyghur
Mongol mongol
Khitan khitan
Jurchen jurchen
Bedouin bedouin_arabic
Berber maghreb_arabic
Levantine levantine_arabic
Egyptian egyptian_arabic
Andalusian andalusian_arabic
Russian russian
Ilmenian ilmenian
Severian severian
Volhynian volhynian
Pomeranian pommeranian
Bohemian bohemian
Polish polish
Croatian croatian
Serbian serbian
Vlach romanian
Bulgarian bulgarian
Bosnian bosnian
Carantanian carantanian
Hungarian hungarian
Persian persian
Sogdian sogdian
Tocharian tocharian
Kurdish kurdish
Afghan afghan
Baloch baloch
Saka saka
Ethiopian ethiopian
Somali somali
Nubian nubian
Daju daju
Kanuri kanuri
Hausa hausa
Zaghawa zaghawa
Mandé manden
Soninke soninke
Songhay songhay
Nahua nahuatl
Ashkenazi ashkenazi
Sephardi sephardi
Bengali bengali
Oriya oriya
Assamese assamese
Hindustani hindustani
Gujarati gujurati
Panjabi panjabi
Rajput rajput
Sindhi sindhi
Marathi marathi
Sinhala sinhala
Nepali nepali
Tamil tamil
Telugu telugu
Kannada kannada
Bödpa bodpa
Tangut tangut
Zhangzhung zhangzhung
Sumpa sumpa
Han han
Horse horse
Cat cat
Bear bear
Hedgehog hedgehog_culture
Duck duck_culture
Dog dog_culture
Elephant elephant_culture
Dragon dragon_culture