Crusader Kings 2 Religion IDs

The below table contains all 53 religions from Crusader Kings II, along with all religion IDs, for use in console commands such as religion.

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Religion Name Religion ID
Catholic catholic
Cathar cathar
Fraticelli fraticelli
Waldensian waldensian
Lollard lollard
Orthodox orthodox
miaphysite miaphysite
Monophysite monophysite
Bogomilist bogomilist
Monothelite monothelite
Iconoclast iconoclast
Paulician paulician
Nestorian nestorian
Messalian messalian
Sunni sunni
Zikri zikri
Yazidi yazidi
Ibadi ibadi
Kharijite kharijite
Shia shiite
Druze druze
Hurufi hurufi
Pagan pagan
Germanic norse_pagan_reformed
Germanic norse_pagan
Tengri tengri_pagan_reformed
Romuva baltic_pagan_reformed
Romuva baltic_pagan
Suomenusko finnish_pagan_reformed
Suomenusko finnish_pagan
Aztec aztec_reformed
Aztec aztec
Slavic slavic_pagan_reformed
Slavic slavic_pagan
African west_african_pagan_reformed
African west_african_pagan
Church of Zun zun_pagan_reformed
Zunist zun_pagan
Hellenic hellenic_pagan_reformed
Hellenic hellenic_pagan
B�n bon_reformed
B�n bon
Zoroastrian zoroastrian
Mazdaki mazdaki
Manichean manichean
khurmazta khurmazta
Israelite jewish_group
Jewish jewish
Samaritan samaritan
Karaite karaite
Hindu hindu
Jain jain
Taoist taoist