CK2 Title IDs

In the below list, you can find all 1750 titles, with their title IDs, from Crusader Kings II on Steam. Title IDs are used in console commands to assign, remove and change titles.

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Province Name Title ID
Vestisland (Norway) c_vestisland
Austisland (Norway) c_austisland
Tyrconnell (Ireland) c_tyrconnell
Tyrone (Ireland) c_tyrone
Ulster (Ireland) c_ulster
Blekinge (Denmark) c_blekinge
Oriel (Ireland) c_oriel
Breifne (Ireland) c_breifne
Connacht (Ireland) c_connacht
Kildare (Ireland) c_kildare
Dublin (Ireland) c_dublin
Ossory (Ireland) c_ossory
Thomond (Ireland) c_thomond
Desmond (Ireland) c_desmond
Ormond (Ireland) c_ormond
Leinster (Ireland) c_leinster
Hereford (England) c_hereford
Dyfed (Wales) c_dyfed
Glamorgan (Wales) c_glamorgan
Gwent (Wales) c_gwent
Gloucester (England) c_gloucester
Oxford (England) c_oxford
Wiltshire (England) c_wiltshire
Surrey (England) c_surrey
Sussex (England) c_sussex
Winchester (England) c_winchester
Dorset (England) c_dorset
Somerset (England) c_somerset
Devon (Wales) c_devon
Worcester (England) c_worcester
Cornwall (Wales) c_cornwall
Middlesex (England) c_middlesex
Færeyar (Norway) c_faereyar
Shetland (Norway) c_shetland
The Hebrides (Scotland) c_innse_gall
Orkney (Norway) c_orkney
Caithness (Scotland) c_caithness
Teviotdale (Scotland) c_teviotdale
Ross (Scotland) c_ross
Moray (Scotland) c_moray
Buchan (Scotland) c_buchan
Strathearn (Scotland) c_strathearn
Gowrie (Scotland) c_gowrie
Atholl (Scotland) c_atholl
Argyll (Scotland) c_argyll
Fife (Scotland) c_fife
Clydesdale (Scotland) c_clydesdale
Lothian (Scotland) c_lothian
Carrick (Scotland) c_carrick
Galloway (Scotland) c_galloway
Dunbar (Scotland) c_dunbar
Northumberland (England) c_northumberland
Cumberland (England) c_cumberland
Isle of Man (Scotland) c_isle_of_man
Westmorland (England) c_westmorland
Durham (England) c_durham
York (England) c_york
Lancaster (England) c_lancaster
Chester (England) c_chester
Perfeddwlad (Wales) c_perfeddwlad
Lincoln (England) c_lincoln
Leicester (England) c_leicester
Derby (England) c_derby
Gwynedd (Wales) c_gwynedd
Powys (Wales) c_powys
Shrewsbury (England) c_shrewsbury
Warwick (England) c_warwick
Northampton (England) c_northampton
Bedford (England) c_bedford
Norfolk (England) c_norfolk
Suffolk (England) c_suffolk
Essex (England) c_essex
Kent (England) c_kent
Guines (France) c_guines
Boulogne (France) c_boulogne
Yperen (France) c_yperen
Artois (France) c_artois
Brugge (France) c_brugge
Zeeland (Frisia) c_zeeland
Holland (Frisia) c_holland
Westfriesland (Frisia) c_westfriesland
Sticht (Frisia) c_sticht
Gelre (Frisia) c_gelre
Friesland (Frisia) c_frisia
Ostfriesland (Frisia) c_ostfriesland
Oldenburg (Germany) c_oldenburg
Osnabrück (Germany) c_osnabruck
Münster (Germany) c_munster
Kleve (Germany) c_kleve
Jülich (Middle Francia) c_julich
Loon (Middle Francia) c_loon
Breda (Middle Francia) c_breda
Gent (France) c_gent
Hainaut (Middle Francia) c_hainaut
Amiens (France) c_amiens
Eu (France) c_eu
Rouen (France) c_arques
Vexin (France) c_vexin
Évreux (France) c_evreux
Mortain (France) c_avranches
Rennes (Brittany) c_rennes
Penthievre (Brittany) c_penthievre
Léon (Brittany) c_french_leon
Cornouaille (Brittany) c_cornouaille
Vannes (Brittany) c_vannes
Nantes (Brittany) c_nantes
Anjou (France) c_anjou
Maine (France) c_maine
Vendôme (France) c_vendome
Blois (France) c_blois
Chartres (France) c_chartres
Paris (France) c_ile_de_france
Vermandois (France) c_vermandois
Reims (France) c_reims
Luxembourg (Middle Francia) c_luxembourg
Liege (Middle Francia) c_liege
Brabant (Middle Francia) c_brabant
Trier (Middle Francia) c_trier
Cologne (Germany) c_koln
Göttingen (Germany) c_gottingen
Nassau (Germany) c_nassau
Leiningen (Germany) c_leiningen
Mainz (Germany) c_mainz
Pfalz (Middle Francia) c_pfalz
Baden (Germany) c_baden
Nordgau (Middle Francia) c_nordgau
Lorraine (Middle Francia) c_lorraine
Metz (Middle Francia) c_metz
Verdun (Middle Francia) c_verdun
Troyes (France) c_troyes
Sens (France) c_sens
Auxerre (France) c_auxerre
Saintois (Middle Francia) c_saintois
Sundgau (Middle Francia) c_sundgau
Bourgogne (Burgundy) c_besancon
Dijon (France) c_dijon
Nevers (France) c_nevers
Orléans (France) c_orleans
Bourges (France) c_bourges
Tours (France) c_tourraine
Poitiers (Aquitaine) c_poitiers
Thouars (Aquitaine) c_thouars
Saintonge (Aquitaine) c_saintonge
Lusignan (Aquitaine) c_lusignan
La Marche (Aquitaine) c_la_marche
Bourbon (Aquitaine) c_bourbon
Limousin (Aquitaine) c_limousin
Angoulême (Aquitaine) c_angouleme
Bordeaux (Aquitaine) c_bordeaux
Marsan (Aquitaine) c_albret
Dax (Aquitaine) c_labourd
Navarra (Navarra) c_navarra
Viscaya (Navarra) c_viscaya
Asturias de Santillana (Castille) c_asturias_de_santillana
Asturias de Oviedo (León) c_asturias_de_oviedo
Coruña (Galicia) c_coruna
Santiago (Galicia) c_santiago
Porto (Galicia) c_porto
Coimbra (Galicia) c_coimbra
Lisboa (Andalusia) c_lisboa
Alcácer do Sal (Andalusia) c_alcacer_do_sal
Silves (Andalusia) c_silves
Faro (Andalusia) c_faro
Niebla (Andalusia) c_niebla
Cadiz (Andalusia) c_cadiz
Algeciras (Andalusia) c_algeciras
Malaga (Andalusia) c_malaga
Almeria (Andalusia) c_almeria
Murcia (Andalusia) c_murcia
Denia (Andalusia) c_denia
Valencia (Andalusia) c_valencia
Castellon (Andalusia) c_castellon
Tarragona (Aragon) c_tarragona
Albarracin (Aragon) c_albarracin
Calatayud (Aragon) c_calatayud
Molina (Andalusia) c_molina
Cuenca (Andalusia) c_cuenca
La Mancha (Andalusia) c_la_mancha
Almansa (Andalusia) c_almansa
Granada (Andalusia) c_granada
Cordoba (Andalusia) c_cordoba
Seville (Andalusia) c_sevilla
Aracena (Andalusia) c_aracena
Badajoz (Andalusia) c_badajoz
Mértola (Andalusia) c_mertola
Évora (Andalusia) c_evora
Castelo Branco (Galicia) c_castelo_branco
Bragança (Galicia) c_braganza
Astorga (León) c_astorga
León (León) c_leon
Zamora (León) c_zamora
Salamanca (León) c_salamanca
Alcantara (Andalusia) c_alcantara
Plasencia (Andalusia) c_plasencia
Caceres (Andalusia) c_caceres
Calatrava (Andalusia) c_calatrava
Toledo (Andalusia) c_toledo
Valladolid (Castille) c_valladolid
Burgos (Castille) c_burgos
Soria (Castille) c_soria
Nájera (Navarra) c_najera
Zaragoza (Aragon) c_zaragoza
Lleida (Aragon) c_lleida
Barcelona (Aragon) c_barcelona
Empuries (Aragon) c_empuries
Urgell (Aragon) c_urgell
Alto Aragón (Aragon) c_alto_aragon
Béarn (Aquitaine) c_bearn
Armagnac (Aquitaine) c_armagnac
Foix (Aquitaine) c_foix
Rosello (Aragon) c_rosello
Narbonne (Aquitaine) c_narbonne
Carcassonne (Aquitaine) c_carcassonne
Toulouse (Aquitaine) c_toulouse
Agen (Aquitaine) c_agen
Périgord (Aquitaine) c_perigord
Auvergne (Aquitaine) c_auvergne
Rouergue (Aquitaine) c_rouergue
Gévaudan (Aquitaine) c_gevaudan
Melgueil (Aquitaine) c_montpellier
Provence (Burgundy) c_provence
Venaissin (Burgundy) c_venaissin
Vivarais (Burgundy) c_viviers
Forez (Burgundy) c_forez
Mâcon (France) c_macon
Charolais (France) c_charolais
Lyon (Burgundy) c_lyon
Vienne (Burgundy) c_dauphine_viennois
Forcalquier (Burgundy) c_forcalquier
Nice (Burgundy) c_nice
Saluzzo (Italy) c_saluzzo
Monferrato (Italy) c_monferrato
Genoa (Italy) c_genoa
Pavia (Italy) c_pavia
Lombardy (Italy) c_lombardia
Piemonte (Italy) c_piemonte
Savoy (Burgundy) c_savoie
Valais (Burgundy) c_valais
Genève (Burgundy) c_geneve
Chalons (France) c_chalons
Neuchatel (Burgundy) c_neuchatel
Aargau (Burgundy) c_aargau
Orvieto (Italy) c_orvieto
Bern (Burgundy) c_bern
Zurichgau (Burgundy) c_zurichgau
Schwyz (Burgundy) c_schwyz
Chur (Bavaria) c_chur
St. Gallen (Bavaria) c_st_gallen
Schwaben (Germany) c_schwaben
Breisgau (Germany) c_breisgau
Fürstenberg (Germany) c_furstenberg
Ulm (Germany) c_ulm
Württemberg (Germany) c_wurttemberg
Würzburg (Germany) c_wurzburg
Thüringen (Germany) c_thuringen
Weimar (Germany) c_weimar
Braunschweig (Germany) c_braunschweig
Lüneburg (Germany) c_luneburg
Celle (Germany) c_celle
Mecklenburg (Pomerania) c_mecklemburg
Hamburg (Denmark) c_hamburg
Lübeck (Denmark) c_lubeck
Holstein (Denmark) c_holstein
Slesvig (Denmark) c_slesvig
Fyn (Denmark) c_fyn
Sjælland (Denmark) c_sjaelland
Jylland (Denmark) c_jylland
Agder (Norway) c_agder
Rogaland (Norway) c_rogaland
Telemark (Norway) c_telemark
Vestfold (Norway) c_vestfold
Akershus (Norway) c_akershus
Oppland (Norway) c_oppland
Bergenshus (Norway) c_bergenshus
Nidaros (Norway) c_trondelag
Hedmark (Norway) c_hedmark
Naumadal (Norway) c_naumadal
Hålogaland (Norway) c_halogaland
Lappland (Lapland) c_lappland
Westrobothnia (Lapland) c_vasterbotten
Ångermanland (Sweden) c_angermanland
Jämtland (Norway) c_jamtland
Medelpad (Sweden) c_medelpad
Herjedalen (Norway) c_herjedalen
Hälsingland (Sweden) c_halsingland
Gästrikland (Sweden) c_gastrikland
Järnbäraland (Sweden) c_dalarna
Wermelandia (Sweden) c_varmland
Västmanland (Sweden) c_vastmanland
Uppland (Sweden) c_uppland
Åland (Sweden) c_aland
Sudermannia (Sweden) c_sodermanland
Ostrogothia (Sweden) c_ostergotland
Närke (Sweden) c_narke
Dal (Sweden) c_dal
Viken (Norway) c_viken
Westrogothia (Sweden) c_vastergotland
Värend (Sweden) c_smaland
Farrah (Sistan) c_farrah
Öland (Sweden) c_oland
Gotland (Sweden) c_gotland
Halland (Denmark) c_halland
Scania (Denmark) c_skane
Rügen (Pomerania) c_rugen
Bornholm (Denmark) c_bornholm
Rostock (Pomerania) c_rostock
Werle (Pomerania) c_werle
Wolgast (Pomerania) c_wolgast
Altmark (Germany) c_altmark
Anhalt (Germany) c_anhalt
Plauen (Germany) c_plauen
Meissen (Germany) c_meissen
Bamberg (Germany) c_bamberg
Nürnberg (Bavaria) c_nurnberg
Kempten (Bavaria) c_kempten
Tirol (Bavaria) c_tirol
Trent (Italy) c_trent
Brescia (Italy) c_brescia
Verona (Italy) c_verona
Cremona (Italy) c_cremona
Parma (Italy) c_parma
Modena (Italy) c_modena
Lucca (Italy) c_lucca
Corsica (Sardinia and Corsica) c_corsica
Arborea (Sardinia and Corsica) c_arborea
Cagliari (Sardinia and Corsica) c_cagliari
Pisa (Italy) c_pisa
Florence (Italy) c_firenze
Urbino (Italy) c_urbino
Siena (Italy) c_siena
Piombino (Italy) c_piombino
Orbetello (Italy) c_orbetello
Rome (Italy) c_roma
Napoli (Sicily) c_napoli
Benevento (Sicily) c_benevento
Salerno (Sicily) c_salerno
Catanzaro (Sicily) c_consenza
Reggio (Sicily) c_reggio
Messina (Sicily) c_messina
Palermo (Sicily) c_palermo
Trapani (Sicily) c_trapani
Girgenti (Sicily) c_agrigento
Siracusa (Sicily) c_siracusa
Taranto (Sicily) c_taranto
Lecce (Sicily) c_lecce
Bari (Sicily) c_bari
Apulia (Sicily) c_apulia
Foggia (Sicily) c_foggia
Spoleto (Italy) c_spoleto
Ancona (Italy) c_ancona
Ravenna (Italy) c_ravenna
Bologna (Italy) c_bologna
Ferrara (Italy) c_ferrara
Mantua (Italy) c_mantua
Padua (Italy) c_padova
Venezia (Venice) c_venezia
Treviso (Italy) c_treviso
Aquileia (Bavaria) c_aquileia
Innsbruck (Bavaria) c_innsbruck
Oberbayern (Bavaria) c_oberbayern
Niederbayern (Bavaria) c_niederbayern
Domazlice (Bohemia) c_domazlice
Litomerice (Bohemia) c_litomerice
Lausitz (Germany) c_lausitz
Brandenburg (Germany) c_brandenburg
Stettin (Pomerania) c_stettin
Slupsk (Pomerania) c_slupsk
Danzig (Pomerania) c_danzig
Chelmno (Lithuania) c_chelminskie
Marienburg (Lithuania) c_marienburg
Sambia (Lithuania) c_sambia
Memel (Lithuania) c_memel
Kurzeme (Lithuania) c_kurs
Zemgale (Lithuania) c_zemigalians
Liivimaa (Finland) c_lettigalians
Saaremaa (Finland) c_osel
Läänemaa (Finland) c_livs
Kalevan (Finland) c_reval
Tartu (Finland) c_dorpat
Narva (Finland) c_narva
Uusimaa (Finland) c_nyland
Suomi (Finland) c_finland
Tavastia (Finland) c_tavasts
Satakunta (Finland) c_satakunta
Ostrobothnia (Finland) c_osterbotten
Kemi (Lapland) c_kemi
Kola (Lapland) c_kola
Karjala (Finland) c_karelen
Finnmark (Norway) c_finnmark
Savo (Finland) c_savolaks
Nordland (Norway) c_nordland
Käkisalmi (Finland) c_kexholm
Ääninen (Finland) c_onega
Pomorye (Perm) c_trans-portage
Dvina (Perm) c_north_dvina
Bjarmia (Perm) c_bjarmia
Saamod (Perm) c_samoyeds
Ugra (Perm) c_ugra
Syrj (Perm) c_syrj
Zyriane (Perm) c_zyriane
Hlynov (Volga Bulgaria) c_hlynov
Veliky Ustug (Perm) c_veliky_ustug
Romny (Perm) c_romny
Zaozerye (Rus) c_zaozerye
Chud (Rus) c_chud
Vologda (Rus) c_vologda
Kostroma (Rus) c_kostroma
Belo Ozero (Rus) c_beloozero
Ladoga (Rus) c_bezhetsky_verh
Toropets (Rus) c_toropets
Ingria (Finland) c_vodi
Torzhok (Rus) c_torzhok
Pskov (Rus) c_pskov
Novgorod (Rus) c_novgorod
Luki (Rus) c_velikiye_luki
Latgale (Lithuania) c_west_dvina
Vitebsk (Ruthenia) c_vitebsk
Orsha (Ruthenia) c_orsha
Polotsk (Lithuania) c_polotsk
Vilnius (Lithuania) c_aukshayts
Samogitia (Lithuania) c_zhmud
Scalovia (Lithuania) c_scalovia
Trakai (Lithuania) c_sudovia
Grodno (Lithuania) c_jacwiez
Podlasie (Lithuania) c_podlasie
Yatvyagi (Lithuania) c_yatvyagi
Galindia (Lithuania) c_galindia
Kujawy (Poland) c_kujawy
Gniezno (Poland) c_gnieznienskie
Lubusz (Poland) c_lubusz
Poznan (Poland) c_poznanskie
Kalisz (Poland) c_kaliskie
Opole (Poland) c_opole
Lower Silesia (Poland) c_lower_silesia
Upper Silesia (Poland) c_upper_silesia
Naberezhnye (Bohemia?) c_naberezhnye
Prague (Bohemia) c_praha
Hradec (Bohemia) c_hradec
Plzen (Bohemia) c_plzen
Olomouc (Bohemia) c_olomouc
Brno (Bohemia) c_brno
Trencín (Hungary) c_trencin
Nitra (Hungary) c_nitra
Esztergom (Hungary) c_esztergom
Pressburg (Hungary) c_pressburg
Znojmo (Bavaria) c_znojmo
Passau (Bavaria) c_passau
Salzburg (Bavaria) c_salzburg
Österreich (Bavaria) c_osterreich
Sopron (Hungary) c_sopron
Fejer (Hungary) c_fejer
Pecs (Hungary) c_pecs
Szekesfehervar (Hungary) c_szekezfehervar
Vas (Hungary) c_vas
Steiermark (Bavaria) c_steiermark
Kärnten (Bavaria) c_karnten
Krain (Bavaria) c_krain
Istria (Bavaria) c_istria
Veglia (Croatia) c_veglia
Varazdin (Croatia) c_varadzin
Zagreb (Croatia) c_zagreb
Krizevci (Croatia) c_krizevci
Usora (Croatia) c_usora
Senj (Croatia) c_senj
Zadar (Croatia) c_zadar
Zachlumia (Croatia) c_zachlumia
Split (Croatia) c_split
Ragusa (Serbia) c_ragusa
Zeta (Serbia) c_zeta
Dyrrachion (Greece) c_dyrrachion
Ohrid (Greece) c_ochrid
Épieros (Greece) c_epeiros
Árta (Greece) c_arta
Cephalonia (Greece) c_cephalonia
Hellas (Greece) c_hellas
Achaia (Greece) c_achaia
Methone (Greece) c_methone
Monemvasia (Greece) c_monemvasia
Kaneia (Greece) c_kaneia
Chandax (Greece) c_chandax
Korinthos (Greece) c_korinthos
Atheniai (Greece) c_atheniai
Rhodos (Anatolia) c_rhodos
Naxos (Greece) c_naxos
Euboia (Greece) c_euboia
Chios (Anatolia) c_chios
Lesbos (Greece) c_lesbos
Demetrias (Greece) c_demetrias
Thessalia (Greece) c_thessalia
Thessalonike (Greece) c_thessalonike
Chalkidike (Greece) c_chalkidike
Strymon (Greece) c_strymon
Philippopolis (Greece) c_philippopolis
Adrianopolis (Greece) c_adrianopolis
Kaliopolis (Greece) c_kaliopolis
Constantinople (Greece) c_byzantion
Thrake (Greece) c_thrake
Mesembria (Bulgaria) c_mesembria
Tyrnovo (Bulgaria) c_tyrnovo
Serdica (Bulgaria) c_serdica
Naissos (Bulgaria) c_naissus
Rashka (Serbia) c_rashka
Hum (Serbia) c_hum
Rama (Croatia) c_rama
Belgrade (Serbia) c_belgrade
Vidin (Bulgaria) c_vidin
Nikopolis (Bulgaria) c_nikopolis
Dorostotum (Bulgaria) c_dorostotum
Karvuna (Bulgaria) c_karvuna
Constantia (Bulgaria) c_constantia
Galaz (Wallachia) c_galaz
Belgorod (Wallachia) c_belgorod
Birlad (Wallachia) c_birlad
Turnu (Wallachia) c_turnu
Tirgoviste (Wallachia) c_tirgoviste
Severin (Wallachia) c_severin
Temes (Hungary) c_temes
Bacs (Hungary) c_bacs
Feher (Hungary) c_feher
Bihar (Hungary) c_bihar
Csanad (Hungary) c_csanad
Pest (Hungary) c_pest
Heves (Hungary) c_heves
Gemer (Hungary) c_gemer
Zvolen (Hungary) c_orava
Cieszyn (Poland) c_cieszyn
Krakow (Poland) c_krakowskie
Sieradzko-Leczyckie (Poland) c_sieradzko-leczyckie
Plock (Poland) c_plock
Czersk (Poland) c_czersk
Sandomierz (Poland) c_sandomierskie
Sacz (Poland) c_sacz
Spis (Hungary) c_saris
Peremyshl (Ruthenia) c_peremyshl
Vladimir Volynsky (Ruthenia) c_vladimir_volynsky
Galich (Ruthenia) c_galich
Bereg (Hungary) c_bereg
Abauj (Hungary) c_abauj
Marmaros (Hungary) c_marmaros
Szekelyföld (Hungary) c_szekelyfold
Peresechen (Wallachia) c_peresechen
Olvia (Wallachia) c_olvia
Oleshye (Khazaria) c_oleshye
Korsun (Ruthenia) c_korsun
Torki (Wallachia) c_torki
Terebovl (Ruthenia) c_terebovl
Kiev (Ruthenia) c_kiev
Pinsk (Ruthenia) c_pinsk
Beresty (Ruthenia) c_beresty
Minsk (Ruthenia) c_minsk
Mstislavl (Ruthenia) c_mstislavl
Turov (Ruthenia) c_turov
Lyubech (Ruthenia) c_lyubech
Chernigov (Ruthenia) c_chernigov
Pereyaslavl (Ruthenia) c_pereyaslavl
Chortitza (Ruthenia) c_chortitza
Lukomorie (Khazaria) c_lukomorie
Lower Dniepr (Khazaria) c_lower_dniepr
Crimea (Khazaria) c_crimea
Cherson (Khazaria) c_cherson
Theodosia (Khazaria) c_theodosia
Korchev (Khazaria) c_korchev
Lower Don (Khazaria) c_lower_don
Desht-i-Kipchak (Khazaria) c_desht-i-kipchak
Sharukan (Khazaria) c_sharukan
Sugrov (Khazaria) c_sugrov
Novgorod Seversky (Ruthenia) c_novgorod_seversky
Smolensk (Ruthenia) c_smolensk
Vyazma (Rus) c_vyazma
Tver (Rus) c_tver
Uglich (Rus) c_uglich
Yaroslavl (Rus) c_yaroslavl
Pereyaslavl Zalessky (Rus) c_pereyaslavl_zalessky
Rostov (Rus) c_rostov
Moskva (Rus) c_moskva
Bryansk (Ruthenia) c_bryansk
Pronsk (Ruthenia) c_pronsk
Kolomna (Ruthenia) c_kolomna
Mordva (Volga Bulgaria) c_mordva
Ryazan (Ruthenia) c_ryazan
Murom (Ruthenia) c_murom
Vladimir (Rus) c_vladimir
Suzdal (Rus) c_suzdal
Nizhny Novgorod (Rus) c_nizhny_novgorod
Gorodez (Rus) c_gorodez
Galich Mersky (Rus) c_galich_mersky
Mozhaysk (Rus) c_mozhaysk
Mari (Volga Bulgaria) c_merya
Kerzhenets (Volga Bulgaria) c_grassland_cheremisa
Chuvash (Volga Bulgaria) c_chuvash
Cheremisa (Volga Bulgaria) c_mountain_cheremisa
Burtasy (Volga Bulgaria) c_burtasy
Khopyor (Volga Bulgaria) c_khopyor
Sarkel (Khazaria) c_sarkel
Don-Portage (Khazaria) c_don_portage
Tana (Alania) c_tana
Azov (Alania) c_azov
Tmutarakan (Khazaria) c_tmutarakan
Kuban (Alania) c_kuban
Abkhazia (Georgia) c_abkhazia
Imeretia (Georgia) c_imeretia
Kasogia (Alania) c_kasogs
Alania (Alania) c_alania
Kuma (Alania) c_kuma
Manych (Alania) c_manych
Yegorlyk (Alania) c_yegorlyk
Sarpa (Alania) c_sarpa
Lower Volga (Khazaria) c_lower_volga
Syrt (Volga Bulgaria) c_syrt
Bolghar (Volga Bulgaria) c_bulgar
Qazan (Volga Bulgaria) c_qazan
Votyaki (Perm) c_votyaki
Bilyar (Volga Bulgaria) c_bilyar
Ashli (Volga Bulgaria) c_ashli
Bashkiria (Cumania) c_bashkirs
Pecheneg (Khazaria) c_pecheneg
Uzen (Khazaria) c_uzens
Atyrau (Khazaria) c_guryev
Saray (Khazaria) c_saray
Itil (Khazaria) c_itil
Kangly (Turkestan) c_kangly
Turkestan (Turkestan) c_turkestan
Aral (Turkestan) c_aral
Mangyshlak (Turkestan) c_mangyshlak
Usturt (Daylam) c_usturt
Khiva (Transoxiana) c_khiva
Kara-Kum (Daylam) c_kara-kum
Bukhara (Transoxiana) c_bukhara
Konjikala (Khorasan) c_konjikala
Merv (Khorasan) c_merv
Dihistan (Daylam) c_dihistan
Tus (Khorasan) c_tus
Gurgan (Daylam) c_gurgan
Nishapur (Khorasan) c_nishapur
Qohistan (Khorasan) c_qohistan
Mafaza (Persia) c_lut
Jabal Qufs (Persia) c_sistan
Yazd (Persia) c_yazd
Kerman (Persia) c_kerman
Sirjan (Persia) c_sirjan
Hormuz (Persia) c_hormuz
Darabjerd (Persia) c_ladistan
Dashtestan (Persia) c_fars
Shiraz (Persia) c_shiraz
Arrajan (Persia) c_hendjan
Esfahan (Persia) c_esfahan
Ahvaz (Persia) c_avhaz
Khozistan (Persia) c_khozistan
Basra (Iraq) c_basra
Kuwait (Arabia) c_kuwait
Qatif (Arabia) c_damman
Al Hasa (Arabia) c_al_hasa
Bahrein (Arabia) c_bahrein
Ain Said (Iraq) c_rummah
Kufa (Iraq) c_kufa
Sús (Persia) c_tigris
Luristan (Persia) c_luristan
Hamadan (Persia) c_hamadan
Qom (Persia) c_qom
Qwivir (Daylam) c_qwivir
Tabaristan (Daylam) c_tabaristan
Alamut (Daylam) c_alamut
Rayy (Persia) c_rayy
Qazwin (Daylam) c_qazwin
Daylam (Daylam) c_daylam
Gilan (Daylam) c_gilan
Tabriz (Daylam) c_tabriz
Shirvan (Daylam) c_shirvan
Shemakha (Daylam) c_shemakha
Azerbaijan (Daylam) c_azerbaijan
Suenik (Daylam) c_suenik
Dwin (Armenia) c_dwin
Albania (Georgia) c_albania
Derbent (Georgia) c_derbent
Semender (Georgia) c_semender
Kakheti (Georgia) c_kakheti
Guria (Georgia) c_guria
Trapezous (Trebizond) c_trapezous
Kartli (Georgia) c_kartli
Tao (Georgia) c_tao
Ani (Armenia) c_ani
Vaspurakan (Armenia) c_vaspurakan
Amida (Al-Jazira) c_amida
Nisibin (Al-Jazira) c_nisibin
Irbil (Al-Jazira) c_oromieh
Kurdistan (Persia) c_kurdistan
Kirkuk (Iraq) c_kirkuk
Kermanshah (Iraq) c_kermanshah
Ilam (Iraq) c_ilam
Al Amarah (Iraq) c_al_amarah
Istakhr (Persia) c_istakhr
Al Nadjaf (Iraq) c_al_nadjaf
Baghdad (Iraq) c_baghdad
Karbala (Iraq) c_karbala
Deir (Iraq) c_deir
Samarra (Iraq) c_euphrates
Mosul (Al-Jazira) c_mosul
Hasakah (Al-Jazira) c_al_jazira
Edessa (Armenia) c_edessa
Bira (Al-Jazira) c_bira
Taron (Armenia) c_taron
Khliat (Armenia) c_mesopotamia
Karin (Armenia) c_karin
Theodosiopolis (Trebizond) c_theodosiopolis
Chaldea (Trebizond) c_chaldea
Koloneia (Armenia) c_koloneia
Melitene (Armenia) c_melitene
Tell Bashir (Armenia) c_tell_bashir
Asas (Syria) c_asas
Al Bichri (Al-Jazira) c_al_bichri
Sinjar (Al-Jazira) c_sinjar
Rahbah (Al-Jazira) c_rahbah
Druz (Syria) c_druz
Az Zarqa (Syria) c_az_zarqa
Zanjan-Abhar (Persia) c_zanjan_abhar
Jeddah (Arabia) c_jeddah
Al Jawf (Arabia) c_al_jawf
Medina (Arabia) c_medina
Mecca (Arabia) c_mecca
Al 'Ula (Arabia) c_hijaz
Tabuk (Arabia) c_tabuk
Al 'Aqabah (Arabia) c_al_aqabah
Madaba (Jerusalem) c_madaba
Amman (Syria) c_amman
Irbid (Syria) c_irbid
Al Mafraq (Syria) c_al_mafraq
Bostra (Syria) c_syria
Damascus (Syria) c_damascus
Al-Sukhnah (Syria) c_tadmor
Palmyra (Syria) c_palmyra
Homs (Syria) c_homs
Hama (Syria) c_hama
Aleppo (Syria) c_aleppo
Aintab (Armenia) c_aintab
Teluch (Anatolia) c_teluch
Lykandos (Anatolia) c_lykandos
Kaisereia (Anatolia) c_kaisereia
Amisos (Trebizond) c_amisos
Sinope (Trebizond) c_sinope
Herakleia (Anatolia) c_herakleia
Nikomedeia (Greece) c_nikomedeia
Prusa (Greece) c_prusa
Kyzikos (Greece) c_kyzikos
Abydos (Greece) c_abydos
Smyrna (Anatolia) c_smyrna
Ephesos (Anatolia) c_ephesos
Lykia (Anatolia) c_lykia
Laodikeia (Anatolia) c_laodikeia
Dorylaion (Anatolia) c_dorylaion
Nikaea (Greece) c_nikaea