Witcher 3 Custom Head Codes

Find below a searchable list of all head IDs for use with the setcustomhead console command to change the head of the character you are currently playing as.

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Name Code
head_0 setcustomhead('head_0')
head_0_tattoo setcustomhead('head_0_tattoo')
head_1 setcustomhead('head_1')
head_1_tattoo setcustomhead('head_1_tattoo')
head_2 setcustomhead('head_2')
head_2_tattoo setcustomhead('head_2_tattoo')
head_3 setcustomhead('head_3')
head_3_tattoo setcustomhead('head_3_tattoo')
head_4 setcustomhead('head_4')
head_4_tattoo setcustomhead('head_4_tattoo')
head_shaving1 setcustomhead('head_shaving1')
head_shaving2 setcustomhead('head_shaving2')
head_shaving3 setcustomhead('head_shaving3')
head_robbery setcustomhead('head_robbery')
head_robbery_tattoo setcustomhead('head_robbery_tattoo')
head_5 setcustomhead('head_5')
head_5_tattoo setcustomhead('head_5_tattoo')
head_6 setcustomhead('head_6')
head_6_tattoo setcustomhead('head_6_tattoo')
head_7 setcustomhead('head_7')
head_7_tattoo setcustomhead('head_7_tattoo')