Witcher 3 Armor IDs List

Find below a searchable list of all Armor item codes and spawn commands from Witcher 3 on Steam (PC / Mac). Armor is any item that can be equipped or worn on your character's body, including boots, pants, gloves and chest plates.

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All Witcher 3 Item Codes

Name Code
Gryphon Pants 3 additem('Gryphon Pants 3')
Boots 01_crafted additem('Boots 01_crafted')
Boots 02_crafted additem('Boots 02_crafted')
Boots 03_crafted additem('Boots 03_crafted')
Boots 04_crafted additem('Boots 04_crafted')
Heavy boots 01_crafted additem('Heavy boots 01_crafted')
Heavy boots 02_crafted additem('Heavy boots 02_crafted')
Heavy boots 03_crafted additem('Heavy boots 03_crafted')
Heavy boots 04_crafted additem('Heavy boots 04_crafted')
Boots 07_crafted additem('Boots 07_crafted')
Heavy boots 07_crafted additem('Heavy boots 07_crafted')
Heavy boots 08_crafted additem('Heavy boots 08_crafted')
Heavy pants 03_crafted additem('Heavy pants 03_crafted')
Bear Armor additem('Bear Armor')
Bear Armor 1 additem('Bear Armor 1')
Bear Armor 2 additem('Bear Armor 2')
Bear Armor 3 additem('Bear Armor 3')
Bear Boots 1 additem('Bear Boots 1')
Bear Boots 2 additem('Bear Boots 2')
Bear Boots 3 additem('Bear Boots 3')
Bear Boots 4 additem('Bear Boots 4')
Bear Gloves 1 additem('Bear Gloves 1')
Bear Gloves 2 additem('Bear Gloves 2')
Bear Gloves 3 additem('Bear Gloves 3')
Bear Gloves 4 additem('Bear Gloves 4')
Bear Pants 1 additem('Bear Pants 1')
Bear Pants 2 additem('Bear Pants 2')
Bear Pants 3 additem('Bear Pants 3')
Bear Pants 4 additem('Bear Pants 4')
Gloves 01_crafted additem('Gloves 01_crafted')
Gloves 02_crafted additem('Gloves 02_crafted')
Gloves 03_crafted additem('Gloves 03_crafted')
Gloves 04_crafted additem('Gloves 04_crafted')
Gryphon Armor additem('Gryphon Armor')
Gryphon Armor 1 additem('Gryphon Armor 1')
Gryphon Armor 2 additem('Gryphon Armor 2')
Gryphon Armor 3 additem('Gryphon Armor 3')
Gryphon Boots 1 additem('Gryphon Boots 1')
Gryphon Boots 2 additem('Gryphon Boots 2')
Gryphon Boots 3 additem('Gryphon Boots 3')
Gryphon Boots 4 additem('Gryphon Boots 4')
Gryphon Gloves 1 additem('Gryphon Gloves 1')
Gryphon Gloves 2 additem('Gryphon Gloves 2')
Gryphon Gloves 3 additem('Gryphon Gloves 3')
Gryphon Gloves 4 additem('Gryphon Gloves 4')
Gryphon Pants 1 additem('Gryphon Pants 1')
Gryphon Pants 2 additem('Gryphon Pants 2')
Gryphon Pants 4 additem('Gryphon Pants 4')
Heavy armor 01_crafted additem('Heavy armor 01_crafted')
Heavy armor 02_crafted additem('Heavy armor 02_crafted')