Witcher 3 Schematic IDs List

Find below a searchable list of all Schematic item codes and spawn commands from Witcher 3 on Steam (PC / Mac). Schematics, also known as diagrams, are used to craft weapons, armor and many other items.

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All Witcher 3 Item Codes

Name Code
Meteorite silver plate schematic additem('Meteorite silver plate schematic')
Glowing ingot schematic additem('Glowing ingot schematic')
Dwimeryte ore schematic additem('Dwimeryte ore schematic')
Dwimeryte plate schematic additem('Dwimeryte plate schematic')
Infused dust schematic additem('Infused dust schematic')
Infused crystal schematic additem('Infused crystal schematic')
Boots 2 schematic additem('Boots 2 schematic')
No Mans Land sword 3 schematic additem('No Mans Land sword 3 schematic')
Scoiatael sword 2 schematic additem('Scoiatael sword 2 schematic')
Scoiatael sword 3 schematic additem('Scoiatael sword 3 schematic')
Novigraadan sword 1 schematic additem('Novigraadan sword 1 schematic')
Novigraadan sword 4 schematic additem('Novigraadan sword 4 schematic')
Heavy Boots 2 schematic additem('Heavy Boots 2 schematic')
Heavy Boots 1 schematic additem('Heavy Boots 1 schematic')
Pants 1 schematic additem('Pants 1 schematic')
Heavy Pants 2 schematic additem('Heavy Pants 2 schematic')
Short sword 1 schematic additem('Short sword 1 schematic')
Short sword 2 schematic additem('Short sword 2 schematic')
No Mans Land sword 1 schematic additem('No Mans Land sword 1 schematic')
No Mans Land sword 2 schematic additem('No Mans Land sword 2 schematic')
Bear School Crossbow schematic additem('Bear School Crossbow schematic')
Nilfgaardian sword 1 schematic additem('Nilfgaardian sword 1 schematic')
Light Armor 1 schematic additem('Light Armor 1 schematic')
Skellige sword 2 schematic additem('Skellige sword 2 schematic')
Gryphon School steel sword schematic additem('Gryphon School steel sword schematic')
Viper Steel sword schematic additem('Viper Steel sword schematic')
No Mans Land sword 4 schematic additem('No Mans Land sword 4 schematic')
Nilfgaardian sword 4 schematic additem('Nilfgaardian sword 4 schematic')
Inquisitor sword 1 schematic additem('Inquisitor sword 1 schematic')
Bear School steel sword schematic additem('Bear School steel sword schematic')
Inquisitor sword 2 schematic additem('Inquisitor sword 2 schematic')
Silver sword 1 schematic additem('Silver sword 1 schematic')
Silver sword 2 schematic additem('Silver sword 2 schematic')
Dwarven sword 1 schematic additem('Dwarven sword 1 schematic')
Dwarven sword 2 schematic additem('Dwarven sword 2 schematic')
Boots 4 schematic additem('Boots 4 schematic')
Gnomish sword 2 schematic additem('Gnomish sword 2 schematic')
Silver sword 3 schematic additem('Silver sword 3 schematic')
Pants 3 schematic additem('Pants 3 schematic')
Silver sword 4 schematic additem('Silver sword 4 schematic')
Pants 4 schematic additem('Pants 4 schematic')
Silver sword 6 schematic additem('Silver sword 6 schematic')
Heavy Pants 1 schematic additem('Heavy Pants 1 schematic')
Silver sword 7 schematic additem('Silver sword 7 schematic')
Bear School silver sword schematic additem('Bear School silver sword schematic')
Heavy Pants 4 schematic additem('Heavy Pants 4 schematic')
Elven silver sword 2 schematic additem('Elven silver sword 2 schematic')
Gloves 1 schematic additem('Gloves 1 schematic')
Dwarven silver sword 1 schematic additem('Dwarven silver sword 1 schematic')
Gloves 2 schematic additem('Gloves 2 schematic')