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How to Become Invincible (God Mode) in Witcher 3

And they say you can't cheat death!

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I'm sure we've all been frustrated more than once due to a death in Witcher 3. Thankfully, console commands can make us invincible meaning you will not have to forgo the pain of death ever again (until you disable god mode). To follow this tutorial, you'll need to know how to enable the console (see our enabling console guide for help), and how to open the console (press ~ or F2 on your keyboard).

To enable god mode in Witcher 3, enter the following command into the console:


After enabling god mode, you will be invincible and not take damage from any enemies, falls, etc. You can disable it by entering the command into the console again (it is a toggle command).

If you don't want complete god mode, you could instead give yourself the "Con Immortal" buff, which gives you +99,800 Vitality. To do this, type the following command into the console:


You can remove the buff with the following command:


That's all there is to this guide, you can find more on our blog. If you want to find more console commands to use, check out our Witcher 3 commands page.

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