How to Add and Remove Money with Commands in Witcher 3

I need a Crown, a Crown is what I need! Hey hey!

In Witcher 3, money is an important commodity. It is used to trade and has many other uses. The name of currency in Witcher 3 is the Crown, and is used in the following locations: Redania, Brugge, Cidaris and Kerack. Thankfully, console commands can be used to spawn money, so you if you want to mess around, or just don't want to spend money acquiring it, this guide will show you just how!

To follow this tutorial, you'll need to know how to enable the console (see our enabling console guide for help), and how to open the console (press ~ or F2 on your keyboard).

The command to add money in Witcher 3 is, unsurprisingly, the addmoney command. Its syntax is as follows:


To make this command give you money, all you have to do is replace Amount with the number of Crowns you wish to give yourself.

The following command would give you 1,000 Crowns:


If that's too much, this command would add 10 Crowns:


If you wanted to really ball out, this command would give you 1,333,337 Crowns:


How to Remove Money with Commands

If, after giving yourself a lot of money, you decided the #Lavish life wasn't right for you, you can remove money with the removemoney command. Its syntax is the same as the addmoney command.

This command would remove 500 Crowns:


This command would remove 10 Crowns:


That's all there is to this guide. Check out our Witcher 3 cheats page for more console commands, and our blog for more Witcher 3 guides!


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