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How to Spawn Items in Witcher 3 with Console Commands

There's over 4,000 of them!

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There are 4,231 items in Witcher 3. The good news? Each and every one of them has an item code that you can use to spawn it. The even better news?! After following this guide you're going to know how to use console commands to do just that!!

To follow this tutorial, you'll need to know how to enable the console (see our enabling console guide for help), and how to open the console (press ~ or F2 on your keyboard).

If you're just looking for item codes (and already know how to use the additem command to spawn items), click the button below:

Witcher 3 Item Codes

The command used to spawn items is called the additem command. It has the following syntax:

additem('Item Code', Amount)

Whilst the above text might look complicated, it's actually pretty simple! To change that command into a command that spawns the item you want, all you need to do is:

  • Replace 'Item Code' with the item code of the item you wish to spawn, make sure you keep the apostrophes on either side. You can find a list of all codes on our item codes page.
  • Replace Amount with the amount of the specified item you wish to spawn. If you want to spawn just 1 item, you don't need to specify any amount.

So.. to spawn 1 Witcher Silver Sword, which has an item code of 'Witcher Silver Sword' you'd use the following command:

additem('Witcher Silver Sword')

You could spawn 5 of those with this command:

additem('Witcher Silver Sword', 5)

And this command would change those 5 Witcher Silver Swords to 5 diamonds:

additem('Diamond', 5)

Some important things to remember:

  • The item code needs to be surrounded by apostrophes: additem('Diamond') and NOT additem(Diamond).
  • If you specify an amount, you need to include a comma after the item code: additem('Diamond', 5) and NOT additem('Diamond' 5).
  • Item codes are CASE SENSITIVE, so you need to spell them exactly as they are on our item code list: additem('Diamond') and NOT additem('diamond').

If you're having trouble spawning items, we're more than happy to help. You can send us a Tweet @ConsoleCMDs, or email us at contact@commands.gg.

Visit our Witcher 3 console commands page for a searchable list of all commands in the game. You can find more guides like this on our blog.

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