Witcher 3 Item Spawn Codes

Below is a searchable list of 4231 item codes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam (PC / Mac). These item IDs can be used to the additem console command to spawn items into your game.

Type the name or spawn code of a Witcher 3 item into the search box below to instantly search our database.

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Name Code
Rune pierog additem('Rune pierog')
Rune tvarog additem('Rune tvarog')
Glyph igni additem('Glyph igni')
Glyph yrden lesser additem('Glyph yrden lesser')
Glyph binding lesser additem('Glyph binding lesser')
Glyph binding additem('Glyph binding')
Glyph binding greater additem('Glyph binding greater')
Glyph warding lesser additem('Glyph warding lesser')
Glyph warding additem('Glyph warding')
Glyph warding greater additem('Glyph warding greater')
Arbitrator additem('Arbitrator')
Whetstone additem('Whetstone')
Killer Whale 1 additem('Killer Whale 1')
Pops Antidote additem('Pops Antidote')
mh107_czart_lure additem('mh107_czart_lure')
fists additem('fists')
Illusion Medallion additem('Illusion Medallion')
Bodkin Bolt additem('Bodkin Bolt')
Harpoon Bolt additem('Harpoon Bolt')
Silver Dust Bomb 1 additem('Silver Dust Bomb 1')
Silver Dust Bomb 3 additem('Silver Dust Bomb 3')
mq1058_doll additem('mq1058_doll')
q705_tissue_extractor additem('q705_tissue_extractor')
Lesser mutagen green additem('Lesser mutagen green')
Mutagen blue additem('Mutagen blue')
Greater mutagen blue additem('Greater mutagen blue')
q403_ciri_meteor additem('q403_ciri_meteor')
Geralt fists additem('Geralt fists')
fists_lightning_lynx additem('fists_lightning_lynx')
mon_q704_cloud_giant_ep2_weapon additem('mon_q704_cloud_giant_ep2_weapon')
mon_q701_giant_ep2_weapon additem('mon_q701_giant_ep2_weapon')
bestiary_sharley_book additem('bestiary_sharley_book')
bestiary_barghest_book additem('bestiary_barghest_book')
bestiary_garkain_book additem('bestiary_garkain_book')
bestiary_alp_book additem('bestiary_alp_book')
bestiary_bruxa_book additem('bestiary_bruxa_book')
bestiary_spriggan_book additem('bestiary_spriggan_book')
bestiary_fleder_book additem('bestiary_fleder_book')
bestiary_wight_book additem('bestiary_wight_book')
bestiary_dracolizard_book additem('bestiary_dracolizard_book')
bestiary_panther_book additem('bestiary_panther_book')
bestiary_kikimore_book additem('bestiary_kikimore_book')
bestiary_scolopendromorph_book additem('bestiary_scolopendromorph_book')
mq7023_fluff_book_scolopendromorphs additem('mq7023_fluff_book_scolopendromorphs')
bestiary_archespore_book additem('bestiary_archespore_book')
bestiary_protofleder_book additem('bestiary_protofleder_book')
Wolf Armor schematic additem('Wolf Armor schematic')
Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 1 additem('Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 1')
Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 2 additem('Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 2')
Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 3 additem('Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 3')