Dark Souls 3 Ammunition Item ID List

Below is a searchable list of all 19 item IDs for Ammunition in Dark Souls 3. Ammunition is any item that's fired from a weapon (i.e. a crossbow or bow) such as an arrow or bolt.

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Image Name Code
Standard Arrow Standard Arrow 00061A80
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow 00061AE4
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow 00061B48
Large Arrow Large Arrow 00061BAC
Feather Arrow Feather Arrow 00061C10
Moonlight Arrow Moonlight Arrow 00061C74
Wood Arrow Wood Arrow 00061CD8
Dark Arrow Dark Arrow 00061D3C
Dragonslayer Greatarrow Dragonslayer Greatarrow 00062250
Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow 00062318
Onislayer Greatarrow Onislayer Greatarrow 0006237C
Standard Bolt Standard Bolt 00062A20
Heavy Bolt Heavy Bolt 00062A84
Sniper Bolt Sniper Bolt 00062AE8
Wood Bolt Wood Bolt 00062B4C
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt 00062BB0
Splintering Bolt Splintering Bolt 00062C14
Exploding Bolt Exploding Bolt 00062C78
Millwood Greatarrow Millwood Greatarrow 000623E0