Dark Souls 3 Magic ID List

Below is a searchable list of all 110 item IDs for Magic in Dark Souls 3. The magic category includes items and spells relating to Sorcery, Pyromancy, and Miracles.

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Image Name Code
Farron Dart Farron Dart 40124F80
Great Farron Dart Great Farron Dart 40127690
Soul Arrow Soul Arrow 4013D620
Great Soul Arrow Great Soul Arrow 4013DA08
Heavy Soul Arrow Heavy Soul Arrow 4013DDF0
Great Heavy Soul Arrow Great Heavy Soul Arrow 4013E1D8
Homing Soulmass Homing Soulmass 4013E5C0
Homing Crystal Soulmass Homing Crystal Soulmass 4013E9A8
Soul Spear Soul Spear 4013ED90
Crystal Soul Spear 4013F178
Deep Soul Deep Soul 4013F560
Great Deep Soul Great Deep Soul 4013F948
Magic Weapon Magic Weapon 4013FD30
Great Magic Weapon Great Magic Weapon 40140118
Crystal Magic Weapon Crystal Magic Weapon 40140500
Magic Shield Magic Shield 40144B50
Great Magic Shield Great Magic Shield 40144F38
Hidden Weapon Hidden Weapon 40147260
Hidden Body Hidden Body 40147648
Cast Light Cast Light 40149970
Repair Repair 4014A528
Spook Spook 4014A910
Chameleon Chameleon 4014ACF8
Aural Decoy Aural Decoy 4014B0E0
White Dragon Breath White Dragon Breath 4014E790
Farron Hail Farron Hail 4014EF60
Crystal Hail Crystal Hail 4014F348
Soul Greatsword Soul Greatsword 4014F730
Farron Flashsword Farron Flashsword 4014FB18
Affinity Affinity 401875B8
Dark Edge Dark Edge 40189CC8
Soul Stream Soul Stream 4018B820
Twisted Wall of Light Twisted Wall of Light 40193138
Pestilent Mercury Pestilent Mercury 401A8CE0
Fireball Fireball 40249F00
Fire Orb Fire Orb 4024A6D0
Firestorm Firestorm 4024AAB8
Fire Surge Fire Surge 4024B288
Black Serpent Black Serpent 4024BA58
Combustion 4024C610
Great Combustion Great Combustion 4024C9F8
Poison Mist Poison Mist 4024ED20
Toxic Mist Toxic Mist 4024F108
Acid Surge Acid Surge 4024F4F0
Iron Flesh Iron Flesh 40251430
Flash Sweat Flash Sweat 40251818
Carthus Flame Arc Carthus Flame Arc 402527B8
Rapport Rapport 40252BA0
Power Within Power Within 40253B40
Great Chaos Fire Orb Great Chaos Fire Orb 40256250