Dark Souls 3 Gestures Item ID List

Below is a searchable list of all 34 item IDs for Gestures in Dark Souls 3. Gestures are actions or emotes that your character performs. They have no function other than communication.

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Image Name Code
Beckon 40002328
Point forward Point forward 40002329
Hurrah! 4000232A
Bow Bow 4000232B
Jump for joy 4000232C
Duel bow 4000232D
Wave Wave 4000232E
Praise the Sun 4000232F
Point up Point up 40002330
Point down Point down 40002331
Prostration 40002334
Proper bow 40002335
Prayer 40002336
Welcome 40002337
Joy Joy 40002338
My thanks! 40002339
Rejoice 4000233A
Rest Rest 4000233B
By my sword 4000233C
Dignified bow 4000233D
Curl up 4000233F
Stretch out 40002340
Call over 40002341
Collapse Collapse 40002342
Quiet Resolve 40002343
Patches Squat 40002344
Applause 40002345
Path of the Dragon Path of the Dragon 40002346
Legion Etiquette 40002347
Darkmoon Loyalty 40002348
Sleep 40002349
Toast 4000234A
Silent Ally 4000234B
Savage's Bow 4000234C