Dark Souls 3 Armor Item ID List

Below is a searchable list of all 396 item IDs for Armor in Dark Souls 3. Armor includes any worn item that provides protection from damage or attacks - this includes helmets, gauntlets, leggings, and other pieces of armor.

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Image Name Code
Fallen Knight Helm Fallen Knight Helm 1121EAC0
Fallen Knight Armor Fallen Knight Armor 1121EEA8
Fallen Knight Gauntlets Fallen Knight Gauntlets 1121F290
Fallen Knight Trousers Fallen Knight Trousers 1121F678
Knight Helm Knight Helm 11298BE0
Knight Armor Knight Armor 11298FC8
Knight Gauntlets Knight Gauntlets 112993B0
Knight Leggings Knight Leggings 11299798
Firelink Helm Firelink Helm 11406F40
Firelink Armor Firelink Armor 11407328
Firelink Gauntlets Firelink Gauntlets 11407710
Firelink Leggings Firelink Leggings 11407AF8
Sellsword Helm Sellsword Helm 11481060
Sellsword Armor Sellsword Armor 11481448
Sellsword Gauntlet Sellsword Gauntlet 11481830
Sellsword Trousers Sellsword Trousers 11481C18
Herald Helm Herald Helm 114FB180
Herald Armor Herald Armor 114FB568
Herald Gloves Herald Gloves 114FB950
Herald Trousers Herald Trousers 114FBD38
Sunless Veil Sunless Veil 115752A0
Sunless Armor Sunless Armor 11575688
Sunless Gauntlets Sunless Gauntlets 11575A70
Sunless Leggings Sunless Leggings 11575E58
Black Hand Hat Black Hand Hat 115EF3C0
Black Hand Armor Black Hand Armor 115EF7A8
Assassin Gloves Assassin Gloves 115EFB90
Assassin Trousers Assassin Trousers 115EFF78
Assassin Hood Assassin Hood 11607A60
Assassin Armor Assassin Armor 11607E48
Xanthous Crown Xanthous Crown 116694E0
Xanthous Overcoat Xanthous Overcoat 116698C8
Xanthous Gloves Xanthous Gloves 11669CB0
Xanthous Trousers Xanthous Trousers 1166A098
Northern Helm Northern Helm 116E3600
Northern Armor Northern Armor 116E39E8
Northern Gloves Northern Gloves 116E3DD0
Northern Trousers Northern Trousers 116E41B8
Morne's Helm Morne's Helm 1175D720
Morne's Armor Morne's Armor 1175DB08
Morne's Gauntlets Morne's Gauntlets 1175DEF0
Morne's Leggings Morne's Leggings 1175E2D8
Silver Mask Silver Mask 117D7840
Leonhard's Garb Leonhard's Garb 117D7C28
Leonhard's Gauntlets Leonhard's Gauntlets 117D8010
Leonhard's Trousers Leonhard's Trousers 117D83F8
Sneering Mask Sneering Mask 11851960
Pale Shade Robe Pale Shade Robe 11851D48
Pale Shade Gloves Pale Shade Gloves 11852130
Pale Shade Trousers Pale Shade Trousers 11852518