Dark Souls 3 Weapon Item ID List

Below is a searchable list of all 2425 item IDs for Weapons in Dark Souls 3. A weapon is any item that has the primary purpose of inflicting damage to an enemy. Weapons include swords, bows, daggers, knives, and axes.

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Image Name Code
Fists 0001ADB0
Dagger Dagger 000F4240
Heavy Dagger Heavy Dagger 000F42A4
Sharp Dagger Sharp Dagger 000F4308
Refined Dagger Refined Dagger 000F436C
Simple Dagger Simple Dagger 000F43D0
Crystal Dagger Crystal Dagger 000F4434
Fire Dagger Fire Dagger 000F4498
Chaos Dagger Chaos Dagger 000F44FC
Lightning Dagger Lightning Dagger 000F4560
Deep Dagger Deep Dagger 000F45C4
Dark Dagger Dark Dagger 000F4628
Poison Dagger Poison Dagger 000F468C
Blood Dagger Blood Dagger 000F46F0
Raw Dagger Raw Dagger 000F4754
Blessed Dagger Blessed Dagger 000F47B8
Hollow Dagger Hollow Dagger 000F481C
Bandit's Knife Bandit's Knife 000F6950
Heavy Bandit's Knife Heavy Bandit's Knife 000F69B4
Sharp Bandit's Knife Sharp Bandit's Knife 000F6A18
Refined Bandit's Knife Refined Bandit's Knife 000F6A7C
Simple Bandit's Knife Simple Bandit's Knife 000F6AE0
Crystal Bandit's Knife Crystal Bandit's Knife 000F6B44
Fire Bandit's Knife Fire Bandit's Knife 000F6BA8
Chaos Bandit's Knife Chaos Bandit's Knife 000F6C0C
Lightning Bandit's Knife Lightning Bandit's Knife 000F6C70
Deep Bandit's Knife Deep Bandit's Knife 000F6CD4
Dark Bandit's Knife Dark Bandit's Knife 000F6D38
Poison Bandit's Knife Poison Bandit's Knife 000F6D9C
Blood Bandit's Knife Blood Bandit's Knife 000F6E00
Raw Bandit's Knife Raw Bandit's Knife 000F6E64
Blessed Bandit's Knife Blessed Bandit's Knife 000F6EC8
Hollow Bandit's Knife Hollow Bandit's Knife 000F6F2C
Parrying Dagger Parrying Dagger 000F9060
Heavy Parrying Dagger Heavy Parrying Dagger 000F90C4
Sharp Parrying Dagger Sharp Parrying Dagger 000F9128
Refined Parrying Dagger Refined Parrying Dagger 000F918C
Simple Parrying Dagger Simple Parrying Dagger 000F91F0
Crystal Parrying Dagger Crystal Parrying Dagger 000F9254
Fire Parrying Dagger Fire Parrying Dagger 000F92B8
Chaos Parrying Dagger Chaos Parrying Dagger 000F931C
Lightning Parrying Dagger Lightning Parrying Dagger 000F9380
Deep Parrying Dagger Deep Parrying Dagger 000F93E4
Dark Parrying Dagger Dark Parrying Dagger 000F9448
Poison Parrying Dagger Poison Parrying Dagger 000F94AC
Blood Parrying Dagger Blood Parrying Dagger 000F9510
Raw Parrying Dagger Raw Parrying Dagger 000F9574
Blessed Parrying Dagger Blessed Parrying Dagger 000F95D8
Hollow Parrying Dagger Hollow Parrying Dagger 000F963C
Rotten Ghru Dagger Rotten Ghru Dagger 000FDE80