Dark Souls 3 Ringed City Item IDs

Below is a searchable list of all 158 item IDs for The Ringed City in Dark Souls 3. The Ringed City (TRC) is the second (and most recent) DLC to launch for Dark Souls III - it adds a new area (The Ringed City) to the game, along with lots of new items, magic, and enemies to the game.

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Image Name Code
Blood Great Door Twinshields 00F5FD70
Raw Great Door Twinshields 00F5FDD4
Blessed Great Door Twinshields 00F5FE38
Hollow Great Door Twinshields 00F5FE9C
Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords 00F69500
Dragonhead Shield Dragonhead Shield 0135E7F0
Dragonhead Greatshield Dragonhead Greatshield 01452A30
Antiquated Plain Garb Antiquated Plain Garb 11B2E408
Violet Wrappings Violet Wrappings 11B2E7F0
Loincloth Loincloth 11B2EBD8
Shira's Crown Shira's Crown 11C22260
Shira's Armor Shira's Armor 11C22648
Shira's Gloves Shira's Gloves 11C22A30
Shira's Trousers Shira's Trousers 11C22E18
Lapp's Helm Lapp's Helm 11E84800
Lapp's Armor Lapp's Armor 11E84BE8
Lapp's Gauntlets Lapp's Gauntlets 11E84FD0
Lapp's Leggings Lapp's Leggings 11E853B8
Ringed Knight Hood Ringed Knight Hood 13C8EEE0
Ringed Knight Armor Ringed Knight Armor 13C8F2C8
Ringed Knight Gauntlets Ringed Knight Gauntlets 13C8F6B0
Ringed Knight Leggings Ringed Knight Leggings 13C8FA98
Harald Legion Armor Harald Legion Armor 13D83508
Harald Legion Gauntlets Harald Legion Gauntlets 13D838F0
Harald Legion Leggings Harald Legion Leggings 13D83CD8
Iron Dragonslayer Helm Iron Dragonslayer Helm 1405F7E0
Iron Dragonslayer Armor Iron Dragonslayer Armor 1405FBC8
Iron Dragonslayer Gauntlets Iron Dragonslayer Gauntlets 1405FFB0
Iron Dragonslayer Leggings Iron Dragonslayer Leggings 14060398
White Preacher Head White Preacher Head 14153A20
Ruin Sentinel Helm 14CC5520
Ruin Sentinel Armor 14CC5908
Ruin Sentinel Gauntlets 14CC5CF0
Ruin Sentinel Leggings 14CC60D8
Desert Pyromancer Hood Desert Pyromancer Hood 14DB9760
Desert Pyromancer Garb Desert Pyromancer Garb 14DB9B48
Desert Pyromancer Gloves Desert Pyromancer Gloves 14DB9F30
Desert Pyromancer Skirt Desert Pyromancer Skirt 14DBA318
Black Witch Veil Black Witch Veil 14FA1BE0
Black Witch Hat Black Witch Hat 14EAD9A0
Black Witch Garb Black Witch Garb 14EADD88
Black Witch Wrappings Black Witch Wrappings 14EAE170
Black Witch Trousers Black Witch Trousers 14EAE558
Blindfold Mask Blindfold Mask 15095E20
Chloranthy Ring +3 20004E2D
Havel's ring +3 20004E37
Ring of Favor +3 20004E41
Ring of Steel Protection +3 20004E4B
Wolf Ring +3 20004EE1
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3 20004FA9