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Medieval 2: Total War Money Cheat

Money doesn't grow on trees.. but in the console!

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They say money makes the world go round, and we say that the Medieval 2 world is no different. Well, perhaps there's one difference.. you can use cheats to give yourself money in Medieval 2: Total War!

You'll need to know how to open the console to use cheats. The console is enabled by default and can be opened by pressing the ~ (tilde) key. If that doesn't work, try ' (apostrophe), ` (grave), or รถ. To run a cheat code (also known as a command), type it into the console and hit ENTER.

The cheat code to add money in Medieval II is (unsurprisingly) add_money. So, to give yourself money, all you need to do is type add_money into the console and add an amount after that. Using the following command would give you 100 cash:

add_money 100

Changing the 100 in that command to 7000, would (as you might've guessed) give you 7000 more money. The command would look like this:

add_money 7000

You can also add money to other Factions by specifying their name, followed by a comma, before the amount. To add 400 to the Spain Faction, you'd use this command:

add_money spain, 400

If Spain isn't in your good books, you can also use the add_money command to remove money from a faction (or your own faction) - this is done by specifying a negative amount, instead of a positive one. To remove 1000 money from Spain, you'd use this cheat code:

add_money spain, -1000

To remove money from your own faction, you can just specify a negative number without your own faction's name before. For example, this cheat would remove 350 money from you:

add_money -350

That's all there is this guide. You can find more commands to use with the Medieval 2 console on our M2TW cheats page.

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