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How to Open the Console and Use Cheat Codes in Spore

The basics!

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Spore is an amazingly complex and unique game. There are infinite possibilities as to where the game might take you. We're not quite sure if there are any other games on the market that allow you to play at a cellular level, as a creature, and as a civilization that's able to venture out into space - Spore's uniqueness is probably why it's still popular to this day, over a decade after it was released. Another reason for Spore's popularity is console commands, these are also known as cheat codes, and are typed into the console to unlock parts of the game, change game properties like the time, and do all sorts of other things. This is guide will show you how to open and use the console with cheat codes.

Before we explain how to use the console, you should be aware that using some cheat codes will give you the Joker Badge. The cheat codes that will give you this badge are indicated in our Spore cheats list with a purple colored "Joker Badge" warning. The Joker Badge is a badge that will disable achievements for the save you use cheats on - so if you want to continue to gain achievements on your current game, don't the indicated cheats!

With the intro and warnings out of the way, we can jump straight into the fun stuff - opening the console and using cheats! Fortunately, there isn't any complicated process involved in enabling the console, all you need to do is hit the following hotkey:

  • On Windows (PC): CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + C

Once opened, the console should look something like this:

The Spore console on PC and Mac

To use the console, all you need to do is type a cheat code (with your keyboard) into the text box at the bottom and hit ENTER to send it.

As an example, we'll show you how to use the styleFilter cheat, which applies filters to the game's graphics. One of the filters is the "-filmnoir" filter, which makes your game black and white (you can find a list of all of the filters on the styleFilter page). To apply this filter, simply add a space and -filmnoir to the end of the styleFilter command, like so:

styleFilter -filmnoir

To disable that filter, use the following command:

styleFilter -none

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