How to Use the Spore DNA Cheat

Deoxyribonucleic Cheats!

Tired of earning DNA points by completing tasks? Well, you'll be glad to hear that you can use cheats in Spore to give yourself as much DNA as your heart desires!

If you haven't used the DNA cheat code before, you should be aware that using it will give you the Joker Badge and disable achievements for your current save.

Additionally, if you haven't used cheats in Spore at all, you'll probably want to know how to open the console - the console is the "text box" that you type cheat codes into (you send them by pressing ENTER). You can open the console by:

  • On Windows (PC): CTRL + SHIFT + C
  • On Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + C

After opening the console, all you need to do to to give yourself 150 DNA is type in the following cheat and hit ENTER on your keyboard:


Copy Command

Repeat this as many times as necessary until you reach the amount of DNA points that you want.

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