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How to Enable and Use the Console in Crusader Kings 3

The basics!

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If you've played any Paradox Interactive games before, you probably know that most of them come with a console that allows you to enter cheat codes. Crusader Kings 3 is no different. This guide takes you through the steps you need to follow to enable Debug Mode (which will enable the console) and how to use the console.

Debug Mode needs to be enabled in order for the console to work. The steps to enable the console are different depending on which platform you're playing CK3 on. We've provided help for each below. Use these links to jump to your platform:


Once you've enabled Debug Mode (see above), use one of the following keys to open the console (try until one works, as the key to open the console is different for each keyboard layout):

  • `
  • ²
  • °
  • ^
  • ~
  • §
  • SHIFT + 3 (at the same time)
  • ALT + 2 + 1 (at the same time)
  • SHIFT + 2 (at the same time)

Type a command into the console and hit ENTER on your keyboard to run it.

Enable Debug Mode via Launcher (All Platforms)

You can launch the game with Debug Mode enabled via the launcher. Note that you will need to do this each time you open the game. To do this, click "Game settings" in the left menu of the launcher, then click the "LAUNCH" button next to the "Open game in Debug Mode" setting:

Crusader Kings 3 debug_mode launch option

Enable Debug Mode on Steam (Using Mods)

The easiest way to enable Debug Mode on CK3 if you're using Steam is via mods. First, visit the following link (Steam Workshop page for Debug Toggle mod):


Then click the "Subscribe" button:

Subscribe to Toggle Debug CK3 mod button

Now, open up CK3 (you will need to close and re-open the game if you already had it open when you clicked Subscribe). Visit the Encyclopedia and click the "Toggle Debug" button to enable Debug Mode:

Toggle Debug Mode button from Toggle Debug mod

Enable Debug Mode on Steam (Using Launch Options)

If you don't want to use a mod to toggle Debug Mode, you can add a launch option to your game instead. First, right click "Crusader Kings III" in your Steam Library and click "Properties…":

Crusader Kings 3 Steam properties button

Then, in the Launch Options section of the Properties menu, enter -debug_mode.

Crusader Kings 3 debug_mode launch option

Now, open the game and Debug Mode will be enabled (steps to open console are at the top of this page). If you already had the game open, you'll need to close and re-open for the launch option to take effect.

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