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How to Open & Use the 7 Days to Die Console

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7 Days to Die is an epic game. If you didn't think it could get any better and don't know about console commands, you're in for a shock. Why? Because console commands (also known as cheat codes) completely change up the way the game is played. Using console commands, you can spawn items, create huge hordes of zombies, change the sky to Blood Moon, among many other things - the possibilities are endless. Changing the way the game is played in dramatic ways isn't for everyone, so you should be might to hear that the console can also be used to fix bugs, or assist with modding. But that's enough of us blabbing on about how great the console is - we'll get to explaining how you can open and use it below.

Think of the console as a text box that you can open with a hotkey. And think of console commands as words that are typed into the console that "do things". You can open the console by pressing one of the following hotkeys on your keyboard:

  • F1
  • "
  • @
  • Ö
  • Ø
  • F2
  • Ñ

The console should look like this once it's open:

The console in 7 Days to Die

After getting the console open, all you have to do is type a command into it and hit ENTER to send it!

If you're looking for an example to get you started, you can change the color/setting of the scene with the spectrum command. There are many options, which you can view here, but for this example, we'll make the scene foggy. The command to make the scene foggy is:

spectrum Foggy

All you'd have to do is type the above text into the console, hit ENTER, and your game will be foggy! You can turn your scene back to its default setting with:

spectrum Biome

If you're looking for more commands and cheat codes to use with the console, fear not! We have a searchable list of 70 with detailed help and examples, simply click the button below to go there:

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